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Intuitive Guidance Sessions are interactive spiritual experiences that offers supportive guidance for your unique path.

My Intuitive Guidance Sessions offer loving support for you to gain clarity and direction so you feel confident and clear in your spiritual journey.

  • To help you see what paths are available to you in your relationships.
  • Support you in discovering the next steps in your business.
  • To help build your confidence and eliminate self-doubt.
  • To discover if there’s anything you need to release in order to shift forward.
  • A chance to connect with what is in your heart and what you truly desire.

My Unique Approach

An Intuitive Guidance Session is a Sacred Space to deep dive into your energetic story. As we work together I use my intuition to see, hear and feel information to answer your questions and concerns. A session is part intuitive reading and part energetic clearing depending on what you want and need at the time. My process is collaborative and we move forward in a way that feels safe, comfortable and right for you.

I look into your past, present and future to pull out important information that will propel you into action to create your future in a powerful way. When you are clear on where you’d like your life to go you can activate and empower those areas and help you launch into new guided action!

What can I expect with this session?

You'll leave the session feeling...

  • A greater sense of peace and ease, knowing your next guided action steps in life.
  • As if you can take confident action, rather than wait in fear.
  • Like you can move forward with clarity, instead of ambling in the dark.
  • Lighter and more joyful as you anchor in a deep sense of self-trust!

Intuitive Guidance Sessions

We should work together if you are...

  • Open minded + a spiritual seeker.
  • Curious about living life fully.
  • Willing to take ownership of your life.
  • Interested in self-care practices.
  • Committed to investing in your future.
  • Responsible and respectful.

Intuitive Guidance 30 Minute Session - Investment $100 - I'll meet with you on Zoom (live video chat) and pull intuitive guidance cards to help you along in the next step of your journey. You will get the recorded session that you can download right away and refer back to whenever needed so you can feel confident and clear!

Let's get you on your path to clarity and confidence!

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Christina is an incredibly intuitive coach. Within a few minutes of our conversation, she was able to zero in on exactly what I needed to focus on in order to get unstuck. Her passion, love and enthusiasm is contagious and inspiring and knowing her has been a true blessing. I would recommend Christina to anyone who’s looking to make a shift in their life and to live with more alignment and integrity with who they really are. -Jill R.
Christina recently read my tarot cards and it was BY FAR the best reading I’ve ever experienced. Her reading was very helpful in helping me reflect on my past, think about my present, and look forward and plan for the future. When I told me husband about it afterwards, he could not believe some of the things we discussed during our reading! Thank you for a fabulous session, I look forward to doing it again in the future!" - Nicole K.
I met with Christina recently to have a tarot card reading. Wow! What a positive, enlightening experience. Her kind, insightful and caring attitude struck me right away. Her reading was SO on point and has breathed new life into me! Thank you!! - Bridget Lane

Hey there, gorgeous!

My name is Dr. Christina, author of 3 best-selling books and Creator of the Lighten Up Transformation Program that empowers you clear the blocks to energy & confidence so you can step into your power and SHINE!

I blend hypnotherapy, somatic body work, EFT, inner child healing, femininity, and aligned strategy so you are embodying your authentic power as you bring your deepest desires into physical form.

Over the past 7 years, I've helped hundreds of women release what no longer serves them so they can have the confidence to pursue what lights them up! I'd love to connect with you to help you pave your path to energy & confidence!

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