The Healers in Healthcare Show

A monthly Live show to help you monetize your gifts, own your brilliance, & scale your profitable healing business.

with Dr. Christina Fontana
The Pharmacist Coach®

Join Dr. Christina Fontana in the Monetize Your Magic FB group every last Tuesday of the month for the Live show!

Purpose of the Show:

The Healers in Healthcare™ Show is a 60 minute monthly segment in a Facebook group called Monetize Your Magic- for Healers in Healthcare™. This Show is part of the Healers in Healthcare Movement, spear-headed by Dr. Christina Fontana, PharmD. 

The Show will empower healers in healthcare to monetize their gifts and unlock their power and confidence to scale profitable healing businesses. 

1. The first half of the Show will highlight one healer in healthcare in an interview format.

The guest for the month will be interviewed on the Show and will be a healer in healthcare who has monetized, launched, and scaled their profitable healing business.

2. The second half of the Show will be lead by Dr. Christina Fontana with a high-value training to support the audience in the following areas:

  • Personal development and leadership topics

  • Healing tools and techniques (tapping, subconscious programming, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, etc)

  • Any aspect of the Healers in Healthcare Movement

  • Releasing blocks (imposter syndrome, perfectionism, people pleasing, procrastination, and fears)

  • Business topics and strategies

The Show will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube for distribution.

Purpose of the Healers in Healthcare™ Movement:

The purpose of this movement is two-fold:

#1. To expand entrepreneurial opportunities for pharmacy students within COP (Colleges of Pharmacy.) College is where students can learn about developing KSA’s (Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes) that make up a successful entrepreneur. 

#2. To empower pharmacists and other healers in healthcare to monetize their healing gifts and knowledge and unlock their power/confidence to bridge more healing into the world.