Holistic healing and rapid transformation coaching

My customized services can support you to heal - whether you’re looking to release destructive habits/vicious cycles, reduce overwhelm/stress, or release weight and let go of the past.

Let's connect! If for whatever reason, it's not an aligned fit to work together, I'm also happy to direct you to a helpful resource, coach, or another form of support!   


Which experience best fits your needs?

"I want to work solo and learn at my own pace..."

D.I.Y. Courses

These offers are for you if you thrive when you:

  • Learn at your own pace while having time to digest the content and teachings
  • Can continue to come back to review the content (you’ll get Lifetime Access here!) 
  • Work solo instead of in a group setting 

Elevate Membership

A 12 month self-guided membership to help you clear blocks and self-sabotage to feel light, abundant, and clear as you elevate into your next level! 

Elevate MembershipClick to Learn More

Ascension Collection Membership

An annual membership with over 50+ hypnoses, meditations, + subconscious programming audios to help you elevate into more power, purpose, and prosperity! 

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Show Up and Shine Workshop

A 4 hour deep dive workshop to help you Show Up and Shine to Bring Your Transformational Story to Life! This workshop is for aspiring authors and/or business owners. 

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"I desire the personal touch that only a 1:1 program can offer..."

V.I.P. Packages

These offers are for you if you thrive when you – 

  • Have 1:1 accountability and support with a coach/mentor to accelerate your path forward
  • Can ask questions directly to your coach to get immediate, customized feedback
  • Have a program completely tailored to your needs, goals, personality, learning style, and more!

Hypnosis Transformation Package

This is a customized 3 session package to help you release self-sabotaging behavior so you can get unstuck, elevate your energy and confidence, and transform your life.  

Hypnosis Transformation PackageApply to Work with me Here!

Radiant Soul Program

This is a curated 1:1 transformative coaching program tailored to your needs and desired results. In this program, you'll be reclaiming your power, reconnecting back to your true Divine essence, the confident, Radiant Soul within - to create extraordinary outcomes in every area of your life! 

Radiant Soul ProgramApply to Work with me Here!
Not sure which program is right for you?

We're happy to help! Her are your next steps:

#1. Please book a connection call below with my support coach, Katie. You'll fill out an application and we'll be able to guide you to the appropriate program/solution that fits your needs!

#2. If it seems like a 'match' and an aligned fit to work together, you'll then book a call into my calendar. If it isn't aligned, we'll point you to a resource, training, or other reputable coach who can help you. 

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