Here are some of the incredible women on Dr. Christina's team of experts who support the business!

Dr. Christina Fontana is a former pharmacist, author, hypnotherapist, and award-winning rapid transformation coach. She helps visionary women transform, releasing outdated subconscious programming, so they can step into their truth, light, and power!

Dr. Christina's medicine blends hypnotherapy, quantum energetics,, femininity, and aligned strategy to help you embody your highest expression as you bring your deepest desires into physical form.

Over the past 7 years, Dr. Christina's books, YouTube videos, Quantum Queen program, and Strategic Ascension Leadership Academy have helped hundreds of women release the struggle, step into their power, and ascend into their next level of income & impact.

Priscilla Green is Dr. Christina’s Executive Assistant, supporting her with the backend processes of the business and also with client relationship management.

Priscilla is the founder and owner of Freedom to Focus Business Support LLC, an Executive Assistance service provider for 6 and 7 figure women business owners and entrepreneurs. She provides high touch services that allow business owners to experience the freedom of time to fully serve their clients and to focus on revenue-generating activities for their business. With a background in customer service and administrative assistance, Priscilla prides herself on developing a stellar partnership with business owners while working efficiently and with attention to detail.

When she is not partnering up with women in business, she enjoys spending time with her husband and three kids, watching sports, enjoying the outdoors, running, or doing anything fitness related.

You can find Priscilla at or

Rachel Fagan is Dr. Christina’s Virtual Assistant, supporting her with social media management and client support.  

Rachel is also an Arbonne Independent Consultant with a servant heart on a mission to help others flourish through healthy living inside and out.  

Rachel is now a life coach and has her own business, Inspired Evolution LLC. Her mission is to help women maximize their full potential and live life on their own terms!

Rachel enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, sharing her musical gifts with others, teaching, reading, learning, and lifting others up.

Email: [email protected]


Angela Failor is Dr. Christina's support coach for her Release & Rise program and at her Elevate Retreats. Angela is an Eden energy medicine practitioner and a beautiful feminine healer.

Angela Failor, owner of Shine Your Light! LLC, has a passion for empowering others to holistically heal from the physical, emotional, and spiritual consequences of trauma and to say “No More” to all forms of abuse. Angela has worked as a Domestic Violence Counselor and Children’s Advocate, Sexual Trauma Counseling Intern, and a Drug and Alcohol Therapist.

She earned a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology degree from Chatham University. She is a Clinical Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner. Angela credits God, energy medicine*, and other holistic modalities with healing her life. She is writing a book about her amazing journey to inspire others to never lose hope!
Angela currently works at Aurora Health Services as a Therapist.

Cori Wamsley is a best-selling author, editor, and book coach. She supports Dr. Christina by editing, formatting, and bringing her books to life!

Cori has helped Christina with her 3rd and 4th books, Lighten Up! 7 Weeks to Release, Recharge, and Revitalize and Energetic Mastery: A Guide to Owning Your Light as an Empath.

Cori is a vital part of Dr. Christina's team and also helps any of her clients that want to write a book!

Click the form below to contact Cori:


Tonya Russell is Dr. Christina's Social Media Strategist/Public Relations expert. Tonya supports Christina's client in elevating their soul aligned social media strategy with integrity.

Tonya is a journalist, avid runner, yogi, traveler, and lover of all things fitness. Her articles have been featured in Women's Health magazine, Medium, Philly Magazine, Runners World, along with other national publications. She is the mom of four fur babies and passionate about helping homeless youth.

You can find Tonya on Instagram under _ajourneytofit_ or on Facebook at

Marcy Smorey-Giger, Esq. is Dr. Christina's Small Business Lawyer assisting the business with legal guidance, contracts, and business operations.

Marcy Smorey-Giger is the owner of Smorey-Giger Law located in Pittsburgh, PA. Marcy has been a lawyer for over 25 years and helps small business owners with entity formation, IP, sales strategy, litigation management, contract negotiations, employment law, and regulatory compliance and training.

Marcy is also an adjunct professor at University of Pittsburgh and Duquesne University and enjoys golf and dining out in Pittsburgh.

Email: [email protected] Website:

Sky is Dr. Christina's strategic website designer, supporting the business by ensuring her website reflects her unique magic, brand, and personality.

Sky has been designing websites since she was 14 years old. Talk about a child prodigy! She helps women business owners build beautiful websites that captures their story and put their magic out into the online space.

Her magic is bringing tech down to the understandable level so that business owners can focus on creation, innovation, and doing what they do best!

Email: [email protected] Website:

Lucia is Dr. Christina's personal and professional photographer, helping her with live events and branding photos.

Lucia helps business owners with headshots, personal branding, portraits, and more. She creates relationships with her clients so you feel comfortable in front of her camera allowing her to capture your personal and/or professional story.

As a photographer, her biggest passion is to creatively design a session where she can capture images that will fully tell your unique personal and/or professional story.

Email: [email protected] Website:


Todd Eury is the Founder of The Pharmacy Podcast and supports Dr. Christina with back-end business guidance and podcast support.

Todd started The Pharmacy Podcast in 2009 and has since grown his following to 1200+ episodes, 30 shows, and 40 contributing pharmacists. 

Todd has helped Dr. Christina for the past 5 years with developing The Pharmacist Coach trademark, giving her a platform to share her magic, and been a dear friend for years.

Contact Todd at [email protected]  

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