Your Path to Transformation Starts Here!

I help you shift into the woman you were born to be - confident, courageous, and powerful! The Lighten Up approach provides an intuitive understanding of you, and guides you to step into your power and SHINE!

Are you tired of your self-critical thoughts and feeling not good enough?  

Do you struggle with self-love, confidence or body love?  

Are you feeling overwhelmed, or feel like you’ve forgotten who you really are?  

Would you love to feel whole, confident, sexy and beautiful?  

Would you love to shine your light and empower yourself to create your dreams?

You're in the right place! And you deserve more...

The truth is as a woman you are born to shine! 

You are born to experience pleasure and feel gorgeous and happy with who you are. 

You just have to learn how unlock the self-love and confidence inside of you.  

How would it feel to… 

  • Wake up and look in the mirror feeling beautiful, confident and enough?  
  • Stop saying yes to everything and start honoring your feelings, desires and needs?  
  • Have the confidence to pursue your dream job, light up a room, or speak your truth?  
  • Be authentically you without worrying what people think?  
  • Know everything you bring to the table – your unique gifts, magic and and strengths?  
  • Create the love, success and abundance of your dreams because you feel worthy?

You absolutely can...and you deserve it!!

You may be asking...Where do I even begin?

So many women approach me wanting to know what it takes to transform.  

They are done doubting themselves and their dreams. They are done beating up on themselves and feeling not good enough.  

They have started some self-care habits, read the self-help books, but haven’t seen much transformation. 

What if I told you there are powerful tools that I have found to reprogram my mindset, elevate my energy, and turn my self-love and confidence on?  

A fresh approach to self-love and confidence, that is practical, fun and actually works.  

Would you want to learn more? Then you are in the right place!

Let me introduce The Lighten Up Kickstarter Program!

Over the course of 8 weeks, I will be taking you on a journey to self-love, confidence and worthiness.  

Here is a taste of what we will be diving into:

VIP Session

Your course starts with a laser-focused VIP session, where we will map out your path to energy & confidence for the 8 week course and beyond!

We will get crystal clear on what you want and what's been getting in the way so you don't waste time on tasks that don't move the needle towards your growth path. 

Weekly Calls

You'll gain access to The Lighten Up Mastermind Group, where you'll connect with like-minded women who are on the same path to freedom, ease and confidence. 

These are women playing at a higher level and want to see you SHINE!

Week 1: Your True Self & Being Enough

You'll learn what's been draining your energy & power and how to anchor in authentic self-love. 

You'll shed your ego self and learn how to connect with your soul self, the highest version of you. 

Week 2: Clearing Self-love Blocks

You'll clear what has been keeping you saying, "I'll love myself when ____" so you can break free from your limiting story! 

I'll guide you through a powerful exercise to release self-love blocks so you can get unstuck and feel embodied in your highest self. 

Week 3&4: Mindset Mastery & Beliefs

You'll learn the mindset that will shift your core beliefs of unworthiness, and not being enough.

You'll learn how to release old ways of being, thinking and acting so you can embody your highest self. 

Week 5: Self Care and Body Love

You'll learn how to stop operating from fear and radically love and heal your relationship with yourself and your body. 

I'll teach you techniques that get you back into alignment no matter what is going on outside of you. 

Week 6&7: Release Your Past & Heal Your Heart

I'll guide you through a powerful hypnotherapy session to release the ties of the past, so you can open your heart for deeper connections.  

Week 8: Step into Your Authentic Power

We'll bring it all together and I'll give you the tools to own your power in every area of life! 

You'll learn behaviors that are zapping your power and joy and how to anchor in a new paradigm of abundance, success and self-love. 

You can expect to walk away with:

> Embodying true confidence and radical self-love and self acceptance. 

> The tools to step into the highest version of you.  

> Strategies to unleash your authenticity and confidence.  

> The tools to shift your mindset and beliefs for good!

> Guidance from an expert coach who has gotten extraordinary results with hundreds of women.

Don’t let a lack of self love and worthiness hold you back from happiness and living your best life!

It’s finally time to feel like enough.  

The relationship you create with yourself will change everything.  

If you are feeling the call for more, listen to that inner guidance! Now is your time to SHINE!

We should work together if...

  • Willing to put 100% into getting the most out of the course.
  • Open minded + a spiritual seeker.
  • Curious about living life fully and authentically. 
  • Willing to take ownership of your life.
  • Interested in self-care practices.
  • Committed to investing in your future.
  • Responsible and respectful.


I strongly recommend The Lighten Up Kickstarter or any of Christina’s programs to every woman who is prepared for profound transformation and ready to realize the promise she holds within her.

There are several major keys to the magic Christina creates…

✅First, she provides assignments that facilitate deep introspection regarding core issues.

✔️Second, she carefully selects participants based upon commonalities, openness/receptivity and the capacity to listen and speak from a constructive, mutually supportive stance. The women in our group share from the heart with courage and honesty. We offer reflective feedback, and we uplift and cheer one another onward.

✅Third, Christina is a uniquely gifted leader and guide whose depth of knowledge, accumulated experience and innate soul-wisdom are a continual source of insight, inspiration  and encouragement.

In only a few short weeks, I’ve witnessed a tremendous amount of personal growth in myself and others in the group. Christina, you’ve done an amazing job working with us to help identify the areas of our lives where we’re stuck, help us to remove the false beliefs and negative energy that are holding us back, guide us on how we can find out who we are truly meant to be and then showed us how to take the bold steps to get there!

I love that everyone in this group cares for and encourages each other. I left every group call with huge boost of energy and drive to keep moving towards my new path to happiness. Everyone is so supportive and the positive energy and love that everyone brings to the table is amazing. 
The lesson plans were a great guide to help us move in the right direction. When you get involved, journal and engage with others, will you truly learn and grow. This experience has given me the tools for self-empowerment, and I would do it all over again!
"Christina is an incredibly intuitive coach. Within a few minutes of our conversation, she was able to zero in on exactly what I needed to focus on in order to get unstuck. Her passion, love and enthusiasm is contagious and inspiring and knowing her has been a true blessing. I would recommend Christina to anyone who’s looking to make a shift in their life and to live with more alignment and integrity with who they really are." - Jill R.

Hey there, gorgeous!

My name is Dr. Christina, author of 3 best-selling books and Creator of the Lighten Up Transformation Program that empowers you clear the blocks to energy & confidence so you can step into your power and SHINE!

Over the past 7 years, I've helped hundreds of women release what no longer serves them so they can have the confidence to pursue what lights them up! I'd love to connect with you to help you pave your path to energy & confidence!

Let's Connect!