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I help you shift into the woman you were born to be - confident, powerful and fulfilled! The Lighten Up Method provides an intuitive understanding of you and guides you to your greatness to help you step into your power and SHINE!

You're in the right place if you are ready to ...

Start playing bigger, express your soul gifts and live out your life purpose.

Feel connected, creative, feminine and energetically aligned.

Fully trust yourself and the divine plan that is waiting to unfold for you.  

Take your self-image, intuition and confidence to the next level.  

Flow to new levels of success and leadership while forming a deeper connection to your authentic self in the process.  

Step into your highest self so you can magnetize with your life partner, create health in your body and tap into authentic joy!

If you read the above and you got the chills, butterflies, or your gut said, "HELL YES"!, read on... 

So many women approach me wanting to know what it takes to transform.  

They have started some self-care habits, read the self-help books, but haven’t seen much transformation. 

Here's the truth...consuming inspirational content (self help books, podcasts etc) doesn't make you successful. Taking consistent action does. The work we do together doesn't just involve theory or concept; it produces RESULTS.  

The reason most people fail to manifest their dream life and dramatically shift their way of being isn’t because they don’t want it badly enough. 

It’s because they haven’t learned how to shift their subconscious programming to support their vision. 

When you align your subconscious programming (beliefs, mindset, self-image, emotional drive, and habits) with your vision, you’re able to flow to new levels of success instead of forcing it and you’ll start to see the tangible results in physical form. 

I've developed core processes that guides and supports you to break through your blocks, step into your self-worth, and makeover your life to match your heart and soul.  

What if I told you there was a way to shift your fear-based, unconscious patterning for good so that you can show up as the woman you were born to be?

Would you want to learn more? Trust me, you're in the right place! 

You absolutely can...and you deserve it!!

You may be asking...Where do I even begin?

So many women approach me wanting to know what it takes to transform.  

They are done doubting themselves and their dreams. They are done beating up on themselves and feeling not good enough.  

They have started some self-care habits, read the self-help books, but haven’t seen much transformation. 

What if I told you there are powerful tools that I have found to reprogram my mindset, elevate my energy, and turn my self-love and confidence on?  

A fresh approach to self-love and confidence, that is practical, fun and actually works.  

Would you want to learn more? Then you are in the right place!

Let me introduce The Lighten Up Mastery Program!

This course is for the woman who is done with playing small in life. She wants to make a quantum leap in how she shows up in the world so she can make a big impact in the lives of others. 

Over the course of 4 months, I'll guide you through customized deep transformation work so you can master your energy and step into the woman you were born to be!

Here is a taste of what we will be diving into:

VIP Session

Your course starts with a laser-focused VIP session, where we will map out your path for the next 4 months.

The next phase of your Lighten Up journey is about building the life you desire. We'll get crystal clear on what that looks and feels like for you and tangible steps on how to get there.

Bi-Weekly Calls

You’ll get 10 one-on-one 45 minute sessions with me guiding you on how to easily apply these principles to your life.

As a private client, you’ll get all of the recordings from our sessions, including session notes with specific goals for you to implement to move you forward fast!

Lighten Up Mastermind

You'll also gain access to The Lighten Up Mastermind Group, where you'll connect with like-minded women who are on the same path to freedom, ease and confidence.

I hand select these members and invite women who are supportive, heart-centered and want to see you SHINE!

Exclusive Trainings

In between sessions, I will send you exclusive trainings and valuable tools that will transform your life and help you clarify and deepen what we worked on during your individual session.

This is a simple step-by-step process to help you transform (without the overwhelm)!

Month 1: Unraveling and Releasing Core Wounds

We'll take a deep dive into what's been holding you back from playing bigger through addressing mother wounds and other core experiences that have shaped you.

You'll create a whole new paradigm around how you show up and the energy you bring to every area of your life.

I'll teach you how heal your relationship with your feminine body, awaken your inner goddess, and begin utilizing your energy for accelerated states of creativity and bliss.

Month 2: Recreating Your Self-Image

After releasing old stories, patterns and beliefs, you're ready to integrate and build the life you've always dreamed of. That starts with you seeing yourself as the highest version of you.

You'll do the inner work to recreate how you view yourself along with the external practices to naturally anchor in who you are becoming.

You'll be able to move from thinking and knowing concepts to actually unleashing and embodying your inner power.

Month 3: Manifestation and Creation

You'll learn accelerated manifestation practices and rituals that will help you magnetize your BIG vision into physical reality.

These tangible strategies will empower you in every area of life - relationships, life purpose, health and emotional well being.

You'll activate the deeper resources within you to create new realities for yourself while stretching towards the powerful leader your vision is asking you to become.

Month 4: Integration- Embodying Your Highest Self

Transformation and empowerment begins in the mind, but is sealed in through the body.

You'll seal in the work we've done together and I'll give you the tools to own your power in every area of life!

You'll experience vibrational transformation that will radically shift your relationship to yourself and create the life you long to live.

Of course, this is just a framework and the transformation work we'll continue to do will be completely personalized for your journey.

You can expect to walk away with:

>> Feeling lit up, inspired and able to take consistent action toward your desired future. 

>> The freedom to be, do, and experience whatever you feel called to embody in this lifetime.

>> The internal and external processes to shift your self-image, abundance mindset, and how you show up in the world.  

>>Transforming every area of your life as you embody your highest self.  

>> The tools to deepen your soul gifts and show up powerfully as the divine goddess you are! 

>>Guidance from an expert coach who has worked with hundreds of women.

We should work together if...

We should work together if you are...

  • Open minded + a spiritual seeker.
  • Curious about living life fully.
  • Willing to take ownership of your life.
  • Interested in self-care practices.
  • Committed to investing in your future.
  • Responsible and respectful.

It's time for you to shine, expressing your soul gifts and stepping into the leader you were always born to be!

It's all within you, waiting to be unlocked.

If you are feeling the call for more, listen to that inner guidance! Now is your time to SHINE!

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"Christina is an intuitive, intelligent, compassionate and out of this world kinda woman who has decided to share her gift with the world..and thank heaven for that! I can say just knowing her has changed me for the better. Her positive and peaceful energy is contagious, and her intuitive ability to understand others is a gift in itself. During a time when healing can be associated with even more pretence, the person you choose to interact with can be even more important, and Christina’s authentic personality is a breath of fresh air." - Niloufar M.
"I've been through one of Christina's programs and have attended one of her workshops. She is one of the most insightful and genuine people I have the pleasure to learn from. She always gives me something to think about and has helped me make changes in my eating habits and given me tools to help deal with stress and feeling overwhelmed. I highly recommend working with Christina." - Emily T.
"Christina is an incredibly intuitive coach. Within a few minutes of our conversation, she was able to zero in on exactly what I needed to focus on in order to get unstuck. Her passion, love and enthusiasm is contagious and inspiring and knowing her has been a true blessing. I would recommend Christina to anyone who’s looking to make a shift in their life and to live with more alignment and integrity with who they really are." - Jill R.

Hey there, gorgeous!

My name is Dr. Christina, author of 3 best-selling books and Creator of the Lighten Up Transformation Program that empowers you clear the blocks to energy & confidence so you can step into your power and SHINE!

Over the past 7 years, I've helped hundreds of women release what no longer serves them so they can have the confidence to pursue what lights them up! I'd love to connect with you to help you pave your path to energy & confidence!

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