“I’m looking for support to release blocks (imposter syndrome, fear of being seen, unworthiness, perfectionism, etc) holding me back so I can elevate my reality and/or business!"

Dr. Christina's Total Transformation Package!

This is a compilation of Dr. Christina's top 5 digital transformation programs to help you in releasing blocks to your desire so you can elevate your business!

You'll receive Lifetime Access to The Elevate Membership, Ascension Collection, Quantum Queen e-course, Monetize Your Magic e-course, and Making the Leap from Retail Workshop!

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“I'm ready to monetize my soul gifts and create a soulful Signature Program to amplify my income and impact in my business!”

Monetize Your Magic

You'd be the perfect fit for The Monetize Your Magic 6 Week E-course! You'll learn the step-by-step process on how to create your Signature Offer to monetize your magic in your business!
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“I’m looking for high-level, 1:1 support to help me embody my Highest Self, step into my soul gifts, and upgrade every area of my life."

VIP Business Accelerator Program

You’d be perfect for my VIP Business Accelerator Program Program!

This is an 8-month, one-on-one, accelerated journey for visionary women to activate their passion, unleash their brilliance, and alchemize their high-achieving patterns into soulful expression! Ready to transform? Apply for a Breakthrough call with me below.

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"I'm looking for a transformation program to help me feel more empowered, free, and confident in every area of my life! I want to reconnect back to my true self!"

VIP Sacred Illumination Program

This life-changing 1:1 personalized coaching experience is for you if you are ready to release old patterns, beliefs, and vicious cycles holding you back.

Over the course of 6 months, we'll dive deep into releasing subconscious patterns, vicious cycles, and your old limited identity to ELEVATE every area of your life (health, relationships, career/life purpose.)

You'll reconnect back to your authentic self and feel empowered, confident, light, free, inspired, lit up from the inside out!

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