“I’m ready to release subconscious blocks so I can embody my highest self, activate my feminine magnetism, and intentionally design my life!"

Quantum Queen E-course

This is a 6-week quantum e-course for the woman who is ready to EMBODY her most confident self, master her energy, and consciously design her life. This course blends hypnotherapy, quantum energetics, manifestation, femininity, and wealth coding to help you bring your deepest desires into physical form.

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“I’m looking for intimate, 1:1 support to help me embody my Highest Self, step into my soul gifts, and upgrade every area of my life."

Sacred Illumination Program

You’d be perfect for my Sacred Illumination Program!
This is a 6-month, one-on-one, INTIMATE journey for visionary women to activate their passion, unleash their brilliance, and alchemize their high-achieving patterns into soulful expression.

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"I'm an aspiring (or current) entrepreneur who is committed to transforming to embody my highest self, unleash my soul gifts, and build out my soul aligned 6-figure business."

Strategic Ascension Leadership Academy

This program is for the spiritually-driven, ambitious woman who wants to Strategically Ascend into the woman she knows she needs to embody to accelerate the path to her next level of income and impact. This is a POTENT combined group/1:1 3-month container designed to unleash your soul gifts + activate you into your 6-figure business.

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“I’m looking to shift a specific habit such as smoking, overeating, anxiety or a phobia. I want a tailored experience that will help me release the old pattern rapidly.”

Quantum Transformation Package

You’d be perfect for my Quantum Transformation Package, where I’ll guide you to shift your subconscious programming to clear old patterns that keep you stuck.

Hypnosis Transformation Package