🔥How I replaced my six-figure pharmacy income in less than 6 months (without burnout) 🔥

🔥How I replaced my six-figure pharmacy income in less than 6 months without burning out. 🔥(Post for any aspiring or current entrepreneurs feeling stuck in life.) 😉

It’s hard to believe it’s been 6 months since I left my corporate pharmacy job. I left at the beginning of April.

The blend of circumstances – 12 hour shifts with no breaks, stress and pressure to perform and be perfect, along with the gut feeling that I AM MEANT TO BE DOING MORE finally resulted in me quitting.

👋🏼Nope, I didn’t have a back-up job.

👋🏼I didn’t have a security blanket with a guaranteed pay-check.

💯It was full-on FAITH that carried me through actually executing the decision.

I got a lot of…

“Oh, but you spent all of that time in pharmacy school.”

“You’re crazy. Why would you leave that six-figure income?”🙄

“Now you won’t have benefits/401k etc.”

Me: Yea…but I love myself MORE…and I have a big mission to fulfill.

I got a lot of backlash, which was to be expected. Anyone that knows me know that those comments just propelled me more.

So why did I leave?

💎Because the pain of not fulfilling my potential was greater than the pleasure from that six-figure income.💎

So…Instead of looking for another pharmacy job, I put everything into my business- hiring a business coach, joining a mastermind, and “burning the boats” on ever going back to pharmacy. It was a powerful DECISION I made.

No, Santa Clause 🎅🏻didn’t just throw money down the chimney. It took work, of course; but it also took a complete mindset shift.

🔥I had the strategies and work ethic, but I was still hitting a wall. I knew that I needed to shift the way I saw myself as a coach– my value, what gifts I bring to the world, and ultimately my subconscious blueprint – in order to start seeing REAL change.

🙌🏻Once I got the coaching around my own blocks (yep, I have blindspots too) and got out of my own way, ideas starting pouring in and I really started owning my value. I FELT the confidence, power, and femininity (ability to receive) in my body. 💪

It was the transformation work I did that allowed me to breakthrough to a level of income and impact unlike ever before.

🌟Here’s the thing…🌟

I’m not “lucky,” ☘️or any different than all of you. I’ve just learned how to condition my subconscious blueprint (beliefs, thoughts, energy, and mindset) to match the outcomes I want in my life…and it’s truly effortless.

💜This is the stuff I teach my clients too – reprogramming the subconscious, alchemizing your frequency, elevating your emotions – all of that.

💎The results are incredible – from finally loving yourself🥰, manifesting abundance 💸, all the way to launching a non-profit or a business.


This transformation for me has resulted in everything you’ve seen externally (winning an award🏆, being featured in a national magazine, packing out my retreat👸🏻, and enrolling amazing women into my Quantum Queen programs).

Yet, it isn’t JUST about the outward success. It’s something much deeper that drives me…

👸🏻I actually get time during the day to take care of myself – going to the gym or sauna, eating a healthy meal 🥗at my own pace, and even taking a nap if I need to.

I get to spend time with Eric and Penny 🐶during the day – not having to bust my ass at a job I can do…but I don’t enjoy.

👸🏻I get to wake up every day and do WHAT I LOVE without answering to anyone else but myself (and of course my secret business partner AKA God.)

Most of all, I get the opportunity to live out my life’s purpose – guiding women to get out of their own way so they can live a life that excites and fulfills not only them, but impacts their family and community.

👏👏I have the FREEDOM I’ve always craved along with the FULFILLMENT that I need in order to find meaning in this life. That in itself is priceless…

When nothing is in the way, everything is possible… The possibilities for YOU are endless…

If you’re ready to get off the struggle bus🚌, email me at [email protected] and we’ll chat.

Cheering you on in your journey!!!