Fifteen Ways to Monetize Your Knowledge to Transition to Full-time Entrepreneurship

Updated blog as of July 2023 – I speak to so many pharmacists each week who want to quit their retail (or hospital) jobs and transition into full-time entrepreneurship.

They’re fed up and ready to quit, but the golden handcuffs and paycheck keep them at the job. Trust me, I get where you’re at because that was me in 2019 working in retail. I was having panic attacks and debilitating neck pain, dreading to go to work every day in the chaos and stress that took a toll on my health. I felt completely powerless, anxious, and frustrated that I was stuck there every day for 12 lonnnnngggg hours.

When I quit, I chucked up the peace sign (and another choice finger) and never looked back. I made a DECISION that I was going to create a profitable business and do whatever it took to leave for good. I hired two business coaches (I invested close to $50k that year) and replaced my pharmacy income in my rapid transformation coaching practice. The next year, my income + impact doubled, and it’s doubled every year since then.

If you resonate with this, I know you’re so done with…

👑Sacrificing your own health to help others be healthy…

👑Working exhausting, long hours, and doing work that is uninspiring and draining…bc you know your purpose is way bigger than the four walls you’re confined to every day

👑Coming home every night collapsing, with barely enough energy to put your kids to bed, let alone help them with their homework or shove a pizza in the oven.

What you really want is to walk away from pharmacy, replace your pharmacy income, and HELP the clients you know are waiting for your magic!

You want a solid, strategic plan to transition out of your job and create a profitable business on YOUR terms, feeling energized and lit up using your gifts.

AND…you don’t want to just walk away without a plan, throw away the years and money you invested into pharmacy school, or scramble and have to figure it out alone. I get where you are right now.

On one hand, you may think that you don’t want to just leap without a net, hoping you’ll land on your feet trying to build a business by yourself. And on the other hand, you can’t see another path (yet) because ‘this is just how it is.’

What if there was a way for you to walk away from the burn out, but actually have a net of support and a proven system to help you walk TOWARD your profitable business? This is a huge part of the deep intuitive/rapid transformation business coaching I facilitate in all of my programs + retreats.

I shared this recently in my Making the Leap from Retail Workshop HERE.  

In that 2 hour deep dive workshop, I shared how to create your Signature Offer and monetize your gifts to ‘Make the Leap from Retail!’

So here are 15+ ways to monetize your gifts to leave retail –

#1. Start a coaching business…and scale it! 

Yes, you can create a coaching or consulting business and work from home coaching others with your area of expertise. I’ve helped so many pharmacists and entrepreneurs create lucrative coaching businesses in functional medicine, health coaching, emotional intelligence, and plenty more. You can grab my FREE Monetize Your Magic guide HERE to get started. 

I always say it’s easy to start a business, but to grow a profitable one takes both INNER shifts and PRACTICAL strategies! 

In my Signature course Elevate Healers Academy, I help pharmacists unlock and monetize your gifts and communicate your brilliance to scale your profitable heart-centered business with more ease and flow. This is a proven system that I’ve curated over the last 11 years of being an entrepreneur and growing a 7 figure coaching business.

Here are examples of the coaches I’ve helped scale profitable businesses –

  • Self-love coach
  • Fertility + pregnancy coach
  • Health + wellness coach
  • Functional medicine practitioner
  • Lifestyle coach
  • Rapid transformation coach
  • PCOS coach
  • Life coach
  • Fitness coach
  • Hormone consultant
  • Anxiety coach
  • Diabetes coach
  • Mindset coach
  • Holistic pharmacist
  • Herbalist
  • Self-care coach
  • Stress management coach
  • Management consultant
  • Emotional intelligence coach

I’m sure there are many more!

You can monetize your gifts, talents, knowledge, life experience, and life lessons to serve the clients who are already in your world. The key is sharing what you know and making offers. People can’t buy what they don’t know you have!

#2. Take pharmacist surveys

I’ve taken micro surveys on InCrowd Surveys and enjoy their short paid studies and fast payments for supplemental income. Whether you’re a hospital or retail pharmacist, they have all sorts of surveys for you to take to earn extra money from home and help improve patient treatment/outcomes. Click HERE to sign up for free.  

I’ve also taken surveys from M3 Global Research, ZoomRx, and Medscape Surveys.

#3. Create a YouTube channel

I’ve been putting up YouTube videos for years and now it’s easier than ever. You can literally create videos from your phone or computer and monetize them to make some extra side cash and build your following if you have a brand or business. Passive income is the way to go. Long gone are the days of doing things in person a thousand times over.

To monetize on YouTube you’ll need 1,000 followers and 4,000 watch hours. 

Do you hear yourself telling your patients or clients the same things over and over? You can repurpose your content and essentially duplicate yourself by recording videos, podcasts, trainings, etc and sell them! By doing this, you can reach thousands and millions of people. Here is an example of my channel –

#4. Create a podcast

This is another easy option to consider. I took Dr. Bryan McElderry’s podcast course and started my own podcast, The She Rises into Desire Podcast in less than 1 day. You can also monetize your podcast with mid-roll advertisements and have different guests on to reach new audiences.

#5. Craft a PDF guide or e-book to sell

This is another great option for a passive income stream. You can create valuable content pertaining to your audience’s needs and sell it on your website. I created a guide called Your Sacred Space – 7 Releasing Rituals to Liberate Space for Magic & Blessings and sell it on my website shop page.

#6. Host virtual or in-person retreats or events 

Let’s face it, with COVID, many people are not traveling as much for conferences or retreats. Why not host a virtual retreat? I’ve hosted many!

My biannual Elevate Retreat has become one of the most exciting parts of my business. I’ve had the honor of serving over 50 women who have come as far as Seattle, Colorado, all the way from Massachusetts, Illinois, and more to attend these transformative retreats in Florida!

I’ve also created many paid virtual events/webinars to help people with everything from stress management to building their business. You can create a simple sign up + payment link and stream from Zoom.

I hosted a Making the Leap from Retail Workshop this past January that I bundled HERE. 

#7. Write an e-book (or a paperback book)

I’ve written 2 e-books, 5 paperback books and have 1 audiobook. You can find those HERE. 

Again, passive income is the way to go. If you’re a coach, the beautiful thing about a book or e-book is that you are giving value as well as increase the KLT (know, like, and trust) factor. That way, if someone wants to work with you, they’ll get to know you through your books, videos, content, etc!

#8. Participate in affiliate programs

This means collaborating with other pharmacists, companies, or partners to share their events or content and you get a portion of the sale. I have an Affiliate program that I offer to all past clients where they can sign up to become an affiliate and they get a commission if they refer someone to one of my programs.

You can also do affiliate marketing with blogging by promoting other brands that you love and trust!

I am an affiliate for Ecamm Live, which is an intuitive broadcasting software that I use to record my Healers in Healthcare Show each month!

#9. Create an e-course! You can do this through Teachable or Kajabi and make passive income teaching what you love to talk about anyway! I have many mini courses (that I’ve archived for now) and also have Elevate Entrepreneur Academy to help entrepreneurs release blocks holding you back so you can own your brilliance and scale your profitable healing business.

Kajabi vs. Teachable – Course Creation 

I have looked into both, but I picked Kajabi as my course platform, hands down.

I have the Growth plan since I have many products I sell, such as my Elevate membership, Monetize Your Magic e-course, retreats, Quantum Queen e-course, and more through Kajabi. You can choose from the Basic, Growth, or Pro plan and switching to annual payments saves you 20%.

What I love about Kajabi is that you don’t get extra charges taken out of your transactions. Kajabi integrates with PayPal, which takes out the 2.3% transaction fee when a customer buys a digital product…but that’s it. Yes, you pay more with Kajabi up-front, but there are no crazy processing fees. It’s very straight forward, which I appreciate.

With Teachable, you get hit with the 2.3% from PayPal or Stripe AND transaction fees and processing fees. PLUS, you have to pay monthly fees for your plan anyway. You can choose between the Basic, Pro, and Business plans. Yes, it’s less expensive up front, but the extra fees didn’t appeal to me, especially because I have a lot of bigger ticket transactions and also multiple transactions per month. If you’re just starting out, maybe Teachable could be a viable option for you.

I also like how Kajabi allows you to have affiliate/referral partners. So if you have a course or membership and want to give your affiliate 10% of any referral, it’s easy to set up. Your affiliate simply signs up through a Kajabi link and has access to specific referral links that they can post on social media. Once someone buys through their link, they get paid automatically through PayPal and Kajabi does the heavy lifting.

Kajabi has everything you need for your business:

-You can have your CRM platform and newsletter sent through Kajabi

-The ability to sell courses, memberships, and any other online program your heart desires

-There is also the ability to have landing pages

I also received a special package when I reached $10k in sales, which I thought was a special touch. Not many companies send freebies like that anymore, so I was VERY appreciative of that!

Click HERE to learn more about Kajabi

You can also use Constant Contact to create an automated sequence of emails that act like a course.

Constant Contact – CRM

Constant Contact. I really can’t say enough great things about them. I’ve been a loyal customer to them for 9 years now. I love their customer service as they are always available and willing to help you work through a problem or challenge you may have.

I use Constant Contact for my opt-in lead pages, for automated content for clients, and for my newsletters.

Their platform is very easy to navigate and it’s affordable in my book. I currently pay $42/month. Their pricing is based upon the number of subscribers you have on your list AND if you want the opt-in/automated content feature.

Constant Contact also has the ability to help you with:

-Setting up and hosting a website

-Integrations with your website

-Tracking reporting for trends with your newsletters

Use my referral link below and receive $75 credit when you sign up.

Click HERE to learn more about Constant Contact

#10. Developing a VIP day package  Do you have a coaching business and want to create an unforgettable client experience? Have a half-day or full-day VIP package that you offer your clients where you have a laser focused day to dive deeper with them for their transformation. You can also add on a VIP offering if you have an in-person retreat or experience.

#11. Write paid articles for a magazine.

Some other ideas are to write for a pharmacy magazine (I wrote for Pharmacy Times for a while there) and have also heard of pharmacists getting paid to write for GoodRx.

#12. Paid Partnerships. 

Create partnerships with companies that align with your brand to share about their products. If you help diabetes patients, reach out to companies who help that population. Many companies will pay you to promote a product on social media or in a YouTube video. Get creative and reach out to these companies!

#13. Bundle/Repurpose Content

Whether it’s past meditations or recordings you’ve done, you can bundle them together and sell them for $47-$97. I’ve done this with meditations, audios, and video trainings. You’ve already done the work, so now it’s just about monetizing it and packaging it.

#14. Collaborate with others in your sphere of influence

I recently created an offer to partner with health coaches and functional medicine pharmacists to add value to their clients, engage past leads, and to help them bring in extra income through doing a joint workshop. They get to charge for tickets to the workshop I teach and sell the recording and they pay me a one-time speaker fee. Win-win situation!

I’ve also partnered with another pharmacist to co-host the workshop and then we bundled a DIY offer we both had for a limited time offer to workshop attendees.

#15. Create an upsell or downsell offer 

You can easily set this up in Kajabi. After a customer purchases an offer, you can have an automated upsell that shows another offer you have that the customer may be interested in. They can either decline it or purchase it. If they decline that upsell, you can have a downsell that could be a discount off the upsell OR a lower ticket offer you have.

Ex: I have a Making the Leap from Retail workshop recording I sell for $97. After purchase, the customer can choose to buy the Elevate Summit I did back in 2022 for $111. If they buy both of those, they’ll be taken to one more offer where they can get a hefty discount on my Monetize Your Magic e-course.



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