Behind-the-Scenes: What it Took to Put on The Healers in Healthcare Conference

Behind-the-Scenes: What it took to put on the Healers in Healthcare Conference

If you’ve been following me for a while you know I recently put on a Healers in Healthcare Conference in Cincinnati.

You also know I’m raw and real and I want to share the behind-the-scenes of what it REALLY took – time, money, energy, and effort – to create this event.

This Conference was something that dropped in as a ‘download’ for me to put on back in February of this year. I look back and still have no clue how it all came together so seamlessly, but it did. By the grace of God everything worked out just like Sue Paul said it would!

So here is the behind-the-scenes to share what it took to put this Conference on.

#1. TEAM – I had a team of people helping me. There is no way I could do this alone. 

  • Three assistants
  • Speakers, speaker panelists
  • Vendors
  • Sponsors
  • Videographer
  • Photographer
  • Hotel staff
  • Graphic designer I hired to do the landing page for the Conference
  • Videographer I hired to help me create the video for the landing page

#2. INVESTMENT – The total Conference investment was over $40,000. 

Here’s the cost break-down – Go ahead and do the math, you’ll see it all 😉 

  • Videographer at the event – $6,000
  • Photographer at the event – $4,500
  • Food and beverage costs + Audio Visual – $25,000 (when I got this bill and put it on my credit card, I almost died)
  • Paying team members before and during the event – $3,000
  • Graphic design help and the redesigning of Elevate Healers Academy, the Conference landing page, and Empress Inner Circle – $1,300
  • Gifts for the team members – $300
  • Extra gifts for the attendees – $1,000
  • T-shirts – $1,000
  • Offering CE – $600
  • Materials for the Pharmapalooza – $600
  • Flowers for the stage – $120
  • Customized cookies – $300
  • Plus other miscellaneous costs that I’m sure I am missing

#3. TIME – It took over 3 months to put together. 

If you REALLY know me, you know how fast and efficiently I work. It still took me 3 months total to execute it all with my team, the hotel staff, finding photographers, videographers, etc. I joked that it was like putting on a 3 day wedding…and it literally was!

For the prep…Some days I worked 15 hour days. Most of the time I worked on the weekends.

I ‘downloaded’ all of the content, put the 100 slide PowerPoint together, curated the offers, designed the landing page, all of it. The number of hours? Who the hell knows at this point! 😉

I wanted to write this blog to show you that…

Yes, it’s easy to see the pictures, the videos, and the glamour of it all.

I poured everything I had into creating this experience – my own money, time, energy, resources, and so much love.

The part that made it all worth it was for me to see everyone so happy, to have people literally come up to me and say…”You’re amazing. This was the BEST Conference I’ve ever been to. Thank you SO much!”

These faces below made it all worth it!

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