How Do I Connect to My Purpose?

🌟I wanted to share a powerful vision I had during a recent meditation about purpose. 🌟
So yesterday I dedicated I wanted to simply BE.
No work or doing. I did loving things for myself all day…call it a Self-Love day. 🙂
I went into the sauna at the gym, started an energy cleanse (fresh juices for 1 day), took an Epsom salt bath, meditated, and watched some old movies.
Anytime I do a juice cleanse, I feel even more in tune with my intuition.
Quick back story to this – Processed food, meat, dairy, etc dulls our energetic senses and lowers our energy – so when that is eliminated, we tend to be able to tune into our guidance even more.
By last night, I got the intuition to put on meditation music and connect with God to listen to Him. That there was something I needed to hear.
As I closed my eyes and got into the meditation, I saw myself being rocked as a baby. I couldn’t see who was rocking me, but I felt the power of love so strongly. I instantly started crying because it was absolutely overwhelming. It was almost the feeling of ‘hey I’ve been here with you this whole time.’
I was shown various parts of my life and why I had to go through those challenges. And God’s divine perspective showed me my destiny.
Then I heard the words, “You were sent to light up the world.” {I was crying even more by this point.}
I’ve always known that I was meant to be speaking, inspiring, and writing to influence the masses. And slowly the path was unveiled for me. It’s still evolving daily.
The same goes for you and your purpose.
You were born with soul gifts to use in service to others.
You are a brilliant light meant to inspire others with your love.
And when you go WITHIN, when you are open, you will be shown your path.
You’ll start attracting people who can support you.
Someone will recommend a book, podcast, or course.
You’ll be guided to meditate.
All of these intuitive insights will begin once you quiet your mind and TUNE in.
You can simply start tuning into those nudges, those gut feelings…and follow them.
Encouraging you to follow your intuition, as you will not be lead astray…
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