Navigating Pregnancy as a Full Time Entrepreneur: The Third Trimester

Welcome back to Part 3 of my 3-part series on Navigating Pregnancy As a Full-time Entrepreneur! 

I want to share my real-life experience as I move through each trimester of this journey. Btw, if you missed the first trimester blog of this 3-part series, you can check that out HERE. The second trimester blog can be found HERE. 

My third trimester started off with…lots of naps! The energy I had from the second trimester seemed to diffuse quickly, so I made sure to rest and listen to my body. I also started feeling the weight of the baby.

Today I thought I’d share a bit about how I’ve been managing my energy and mitigating any effects from pregnancy. Please see the disclaimer at the end of this blog. 

Lifestyle changes I made during pregnancy to support my body + energy – 

Btw, all of the products I’ve mentioned here are on my Amazon affiliate page.

#1. Nutrition –

For breakfast, I’ve been eating oatmeal with Truvani protein powder, 1/2 a pear, 1 tbsp walnuts, and a tablespoon of peanut butter. I was reading that oats and peanut butter are lactation boosting foods, so that worked out!

For snacks, I like edamame beans from Amazon, Slim protein bars, or Wasa crackers and peanut butter. For fun snacks, I’ll have some dark chocolate, pretzels, or a Legendary pastry tart. I follow the 80/20 rule!

For lunch, I always have a kale salad with chicken sausage, goat cheese, a pear, and Jalapeño pieces from Trader Joes. I find that when I eat heavy during the day (carb-heavy meals), my energy would tank. I’ve been eating this way for years now and not much changed during pregnancy besides some minor tweaks.

For dinner, I’ll have a protein/carb combo with veggies of some sorts. Ex: Eric and I made healthy nachos – cut up mini peppers topped with chicken, onions, and cotija cheese and a delicious charcuterie mix (see picture below.)

For desserts, Eric and I have been enjoying Trader Joe’s Peppermint Mini ‘Hold the Cone’ ice cream cones. We also go to Bruster’s Ice cream once a week and get a kids size cone of a dairy-free ice cream flavor. I have rosacea and try to minimize dairy as much as possible.

#2. Movement – 

All throughout my pregnancy, I’ve stayed active, but have stopped going to more intense classes like BodyCombat (like a kickboxing class) and BodyPump (heavier weight class.)

I’ve been taking walks, walking Penny, raking leaves, and/or going to spin classes depending on the weather. I have started wearing a maternity belt when exercising as it is a great support for my belly!

#3. Supplements –

Thanks to my fertility coach, Katie, I’ve been equipped with the vitamins I know I need to support Miss Lindsay. 😉 I was using Agni’s seed cycling boxes, but they closed as of today (I’m writing this blog on 12/31!) I’m really sad that they are closing! I also take a vitamin D/K2 supplement, Omega 3, a prenatal, prenatal probiotic, and iron every other day. My iron was low on my week 26 blood draw.

#4. Nervous system support – 

I’ve been working with my nervous system coach, Laura, on regulating my nervous system for the last year and I’ve seen a huge improvement in my overall health. This deeper trauma work has helped me to expand my capacity to be more patient, resilient, and less reactive in my life in general. It’s literally a game-changer!

#5. Joyful practices – 

For fun, I love to color and I did that a lot in the beginning of my pregnancy since I was bed bound for a bit there! I also love to meditate and do it daily using apps like Insight Timer or finding relaxing meditations on YouTube. Eric and I go on mini trips to one new restaurant every weekend, too. He and I both love to go out to eat…and then go to Bruster’s after for ice cream!

#6. Self-care + managing symptoms –

I really started to feel the weight of the baby in the third trimester and had lower back pain. Some days I would text my mom saying, “How am I going to get through another 2 months of this?” It hasn’t been easy! Monthly chiropractic and pregnancy massage appointments, my heating pad, and Epsom salt baths really help mitigate these symptoms.

#7. Rest + energetic management – 

I’ve gotten really good at setting healthy boundaries with social media and take the apps off my phone after 4PM during the week days and on weekends completely.

I was raised in an environment where rest brought on feelings of guilt/shame because I wasn’t ‘doing enough.’ My dad was a high-achiever who was in constant ‘go-mode’, which left very little time for relaxation. However, I’ve rewire that programming over the last decade and now freely watch my favorite shows like Holiday Baking Championship on HBO Max.

If I need to nap, I allow myself that time – guilt-free.

Eric also joined a mens support group through Evryman as recommended by a good friend and colleague, Tim Ulbrich. I am beyond proud of Eric and how he has supported me this entire time. He is always saying, “it’s all belly!” or “you look pretty” constantly. And I need and appreciate that verbal support!

What I prepped for during the third trimester –

This is a total brain dump, but I wanted to share all of the things! 😉

Health-wise: I got a Spectra breast pump through Eric’s insurance as I plan on breast feeding. Most insurance companies cover them for little to no cost.

At 26 weeks, I completed and passed my Glucose Tolerance Test, which I was NOT looking forward to. I don’t eat or drink sugary things to begin with, so I knew it would be challenging to chug 50 grams of straight sugar. Good thing I was able to eat a Starbucks spinach + egg white breakfast sandwich in time after the appointment because I felt my blood sugar crash after the drink!

Business-wise: For work, I started to prep for an upcoming program I’m launching with my support coach (Katie), started planning out more podcast recordings (my goal is to impact 200 audiences in 2024), and lay out my sales cycles for my business. I’m also organizing my social media content calendar with my VA and meeting with my Executive Assistant, Priscilla to prep for tax season and other back-end support.

What changed during the third trimester? 

My belly got bigger and Lindsay made her appearance! I’m writing this being 30 weeks pregnant and may add more as time goes on, but for now my symptoms overall are minimal. I have occasional heartburn, sometimes I have to catch my breath, and my feet need to be elevated to help my circulation.

Eric and I went to go see the hospital where I’m delivering and it is SO peaceful. We were blown away by how beautifully the entrance of the hospital is decorated – with a brilliant fireplace, elegant Christmas trees, and a modern vibe. The hospital was built and opened within the last five years and it’s super close to our house.

We have started to get more gifts as my baby shower is in January. It’s becoming more real that we will have a tiny human in our house! Eric and I have our coffee and look at the pack-and-play in our living room. We’re putting together Linday’s stroller (we got the Chicco KeyFit brand,) and I got my Amazon baby registry finalized.

YES, I am very excited – AND I’m also nervous too. Our lives will be forever changed in a couple of months and I’m learning more and more every day to lean into FAITH and trust vs control and fear. I pray to God every day to protect this child and to give Eric and I the guidance and wisdom to do the best we can. If Lindsay is surrounded by love, that is the most important ingredient in any childhood.

In the meantime, I’ll be taking my maternity leave for the month of March, but I’ll be back! I’ll periodically be on social media posting and my Executive Assistant Priscilla will be helping out with supporting me, too.

Thank you for all of your love and support during this special time!



Disclaimer: This is not medical, dietary, or health advice. Before starting any medication, supplement, or herb, please consult with your healthcare professional.