Podcasts & Interviews Featuring Dr. Christina Fontana

After being inspired by a dear friend, Matt Scoletti who set a goal to impact 200 audiences in 2024, I’ve decided to do the same! My word for 2024 is IMPACT and my goal is to impact 200 audiences this year! 

On this blog, you’ll find links to all of the podcast episodes I’ve been featured in so you can easily access the one you want to listen to! *Please note that some of the interviews I did were in private groups or on radio so they won’t be listed here. 

  1. Wednesday with the Word with Melissa Turner 
  2. Thriving in 2024 with The Pharmacy Podcast Network 
  3. Healing from the Inside Out with Euclid Chiropractic 
  4. Five Step Goal Setting Framework on She Rises into Desire Podcast
  5. Believe, Heal, Shine on the Woman Problems. Period Podcast
  6. Growing Your Brand and Taking Care of Mental Well-being on ChatRxPodcast
  7. Taming the Inner Critic – Healers in Healthcare Show with Kate Cozart
  8. Stepping into Your Radiance in 2024 on Your Financial Pharmacist podcast
  9. Stories that Inspire Hope with Kornelia Stephanie
  10. She Rises into Desire Podcast Episode 39 – Client Magnetism: Tips for Attracting and Choosing Perfect Soul Clients 
  11. Loving Boundaries: Navigating Motherhood and Entrepreneurship with Grace on Rising into Mindful Motherhood Podcast
  12. Overcoming Your Circumstances in Order to Thrive on A Few Short Minutes – The Pod Podcast
  13. Filling Your Cup First: Prioritizing Self-Care So You Can Serve Others 
  14. Harmonious Podcast with Brandon Gano 
  15. Turning Your Gifts to Gold Podcast Episode on Superstar Women Entrepreneur Media Network
  16. Clearing Energy Leaks to Attract Money + Clients – I’m not Salesy Podcast with Cassie Mackenzie 
  17. It’s Never too Late to do What you Love – Healers in Healthcare Show with Melinda Fowler 
  18. A Holistic Approach to Entrepreneurship – Mama Transform Podcast
  19. Profit Your Knowledge Podcast with James Allen

We will be adding to this list as I continue to record podcasts, interviews, and workshops!



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Bio for Dr. Christina –

Dr. Christina Fontana, AKA The Pharmacist Coach, is a pharmacist, holistic healer, rapid transformation business coach, speaker, and 5-time author. She helps spiritually-driven women to ‘Reignite Your Light’ and shine in your brilliance, confidence, and true essence. 

She started her entrepreneurial journey 11 years ago being disempowered, homelessness, broke, with eating disorders, PTSD, and anxiety and has since transformed, turning her pain into purpose, empowering women all over the world to step into more purpose, power, and prosperity. 

Over the last 11 years, Dr. Christina has been providing uplifting, transformational content through her Youtube videos, books, courses, programs, and Conferences. Her mission is to empower more healers and business owners unlock their innate gifts to create a domino effect of healing on the world.