She Rises to Desire Podcast: Episode 35 – Foundational Pristine Energetics of a Six Figure+ Business

In this episode, we are going to be moving through three foundational pillars of Pristine Energetics of a Six Figure ++ Business!

Your frequency is always FIRST. Your frequency/energy lays the foundation for your results in your business.

PRISTINE is an adjective that means flawless, in it’s original form.

When you lay the foundation of your business with the PRISTINE energy of Integrity, Intention, and Love, you can’t help but enrich the lives of others AND receive higher levels of wealth and clients.

#1. INTEGRITY – This is way beyond ‘morality’ it’s about ENERGETIC integrity – Boundaries and sacred standards for how you operate in your business

Imagine that you’re looking at a bike tire and there are holes poked in it – it can’t move forward.

When you’re purely running your business on DOING or strategy, you’re not looking at these open loops and energy leaks that can sabotage your business.

Energy leaks include – unresolved trauma that creates drama in your business, not setting boundaries or having leaky boundaries. Blocks are also energy leaks – people pleasing, PROCRASTINATION, perfectionism, etc. And they all cost you.

There is a hidden payoff for keeping these patterns going.

Open loops include – Lack of follow up, letting conversations drag on for weeks and months without closing them out.

#2. INTENTION – Done with love – not about PERFECTION, but about how you are moving through your business. It’s the ENERGY from which you lead your business.

Deliberate and with care

Purpose and value-driven


#3. LOVE –

Using your intuition to access the most loving action step

Highest frequency gift you can give your clients

Sharing your knowledge, gifts, and heart

These three frequencies are the foundation of a high frequency business and allow you to circulate and receive higher levels of wealth in all forms.

Pristine energetics results in energetic efficiency and results in your business.

This is PRISTINE – an 8 week group wealth portal to UNLOCK your Six Figure frequency for 2023

This is for the Queen who is ALL-IN and ready to scale to six figures with the PRISTINE energy of integrity, intention, and love.

We’ll be moving through 3 foundational pillars – Wealth Expansion, Magnetic Messaging, and Opulent Offers

Wealth Expansion – You’ll be rewiring your relationship with MONEY and instead learning how to circulate WEALTH to receive higher levels of abundance and clients.

Magnetic Messaging – You’ll learn how to create a magnetic, PRISTINE energy field that naturally magnetizes your soul clients TO you.

Opulent Offers – You’ll learn how to curate opulent offers that create a rich client experience so you’re serving them deeply while getting paid premium rates for your products, services, and sessions.

8 weeks and we start 2/1

Early bird investment is $2k or 2 payments of $1,111 before 1/16 at 5PM EST.

You will ALSO get CE credits when you sign up for Pristine! More details on that soon.

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Dr. Christina Fontana, AKA The Pharmacist Coach, is a pharmacist, holistic healer, rapid transformation business coach, speaker, and 5-time author. She helps spiritually-driven women to ‘Reignite Your Light’ and shine in your brilliance, confidence, and true essence. 

She started her entrepreneurial journey 11 years ago being disempowered, homelessness, broke, with eating disorders, PTSD, and anxiety and has since transformed, turning her pain into purpose, empowering women all over the world to step into more purpose, power, and prosperity. 

Over the last 11 years, Dr. Christina has been providing uplifting, transformational content through her Youtube videos, books, courses, programs, and Conferences. Her mission is to empower more healers and business owners unlock their innate gifts to create a domino effect of healing on the world.