Aisha Heslop Testimonial

Christina Tarantola

Christina has this amazing gift of instantly putting you at ease and making you feel safe to stretch into your next level. She is able to quickly feel into the energy of what her clients are experiencing to help them shift and pull out your unique gifts so you can shine in your brilliance. Christina’s coaching style is gentle and she will ALWAYS lovingly challenge you to stretch you into your Highest self.
Even before we started the Brilliant Soul program, Christina sent me an in-depth bonus video with feedback on notes I sent her detailing my business structure. She gave excellent feedback and helped me clarify my vision before the program even started! We quickly co-created my pleasure-led Signature program and dialed into the messaging to help me start calling in my soul clients. It was truly a gift having her check in with me everyday and being a resource as I started putting together my Signature Offer.
After the Brilliant Soul program, my approach to my business has shifted tremendously! Instead of approaching it with pressure, stress, and overwhelm I was reminded that this soul-aligned business of mine needs to feel fun for me. There was an ease, knowing that everything will unfold at the right time. My energy was lighter by the end of the program and I am so excited to implement everything we did together!
Truthfully I can see this program benefitting any high-achieving woman looking to make a difference in the world as a healer!
-Aisha Heslop