Chinki Bhatia Testimonial

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“Before my coaching with Christina I felt lost, overwhelmed and without a purpose. I knew the field I was in wasn’t my final destination, but I couldn’t identify my actual purpose. The lack of purpose often made me doubt my own capabilities. I saw a few videos of Christina on Facebook and interacted with her by email. In the first call she recommended signing up for her transformation coaching. I hesitantly joined her since I had fears/blocks holding me back and didn’t know how business and transformation coaching really worked.

But in the very first coaching session, Christina made me realize that this process is not just about setting up my business, but it is a journey to understand myself better, be more self aware as a person and transform to my most valued self. Only then would I find my passion and  land up succeeding in it. The first session left me feeling held, loved and ready to be transformed. I really treasure my sessions with Christina.

Over the last few months of working with Christina, I find her to be an incredibly professional, genuine and supportive person. She is an extremely competent coach who immediately gained my trust. What I really appreciate about her coaching is that she caters the sessions according to the client’s needs and doesn’t necessarily follow a blueprint which really benefited my journey. She’s walked me through my deepest grievances and encouraged me to release them.  She is always ready with her constructive feedback and  ideas to help me move forward in my journey. While working  with Christina, I landed up with some unexpected and exciting projects. It has certainly been a very important experience for me both professionally and personally.

I am very grateful to Christina for being so authentic and supportive and for nudging me outside my comfort zone, taking my business and mindset to the next level and much more. I highly recommend her as a coach!”

~Chinki Bhatia, Sacred Illumination Client

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