Dr. Mariam Yanikyan – Pharmacist

Christina Tarantola

I have just completed Dr Christina Tarantola’s Quantum Queen transformation course. It was a once in a lifetime, inspiring, healing, and truly transformative experience. With her blessed help I have opened my own online coaching business to help women embody their soul gifts and discover their super powers. I am a pharmacist, and never before thought or dreamed I could use my skills outside of the pharmacy setting, in more of a 1:1 approach tailored to my clients needs. That is until I met Dr. Christina. She talks the talk and walks the walk.

I find her truly inspirational, loving, supportive and understanding. We need more women like her who are strong, powerful, truthful, and leading with example. Creating their own successful businesses and designing their lives by their own rules!!! Thank You for being a trail blazer for me and so many other women.