Dr. Sheila Colon Testimonial for Strategic Ascension

Christina TarantolaLeave a Comment

“From the moment I started Strategic Ascension, Christina made me feel SO held and supported.There were many times where I doubted myself,

stressed out, or fell into fears. Her gentle, honest guidance allowed me to remember who I’ve always been. That the strong, fierce, fiery healer was always there within me. That’s what allowed

me trust her fully with my business journey.

After that first step I made with her, old patterns and beliefs kept coming to the surface, and she was always there to gently remind me that those things didn’t define me, they it is okay to feel and release, and that there was something better on the other side. Christina reminded me of who I was made me believe in myself again!!”

– Dr. Sheila Colon – Pharmacist

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