Elevate Entrepreneur Academy Testimonial by Sarah Meyers

Christina Tarantola

“I wasn’t looking for business coaching, but the message Dr. Christina shared spoke right to my heart, and I knew it was exactly where I was meant to be. I was immediately drawn to her energy and knew that these transformational shifts were what I needed to move forward with my business.

EEA provided the framework to ask the deep questions that were ultimately holding me back. I invested in myself—I took the time to learn from the assignments, I turned inward while listening to the meditations, and I showed up for the live classes. It wasn’t easy at times, but I always felt fully supported by Dr. Christina and the other entrepreneurs in the group.

Not only did EEA allow me to dig deep into the blocks that were holding me back, it also provided structured business advice. I was able to create pricing options that reflected my value not just my service. I was able to design social media posts that spoke to my soul clients, drawing them in. With these resources combined, I was able to confidently double my initial pricing offer (I was selling myself short before EEA), and I was able to triple the number of 1:1 clientele.”