Gretchen Bennett – Virtual Assistant

Christina Tarantola

Yesterday I took the first step down my new path. A path filled with love, trust, hope and light. I began my wellness coaching with Dr. Christina Tarantola Transformation Coaching. Guys, let me tell you… this chick is the real deal. I’ve had one phone call with her and one VIP session. The clarity I’m already seeing and the insight she has is something that just truly blows me away. Oh, and she gave me a tiara… how can this not be an amazing thing!? 👑

Wise words from this wise woman:
The words you speak to yourself are the perfect medicine for your pain.

I had this experience as she told me, ‘You have so much power inside you.’ I instantly started to tear up. This session had me in a very vulnerable position, but I feel so at home with her (if that makes sense). 💜

She saw me so clearly…from a pure space of love, from a pure space of light. I had decided it was time to invest in myself and I am so excited to see where this takes me. I’m going into this with a 100% open mind. As I told Dr. Christina yesterday, I don’t have a solid goal because I’m not sure what I want right now, I’m not sure who I am right now.

The sky is the limit and only good things can come from this!!

If you have been considering taking you business to the next level and aren’t sure how or bringing power back into your mindset – check out Dr. Christina, look at her website, schedule a call to see if she’s a fit with you, just take a leap. I can promise it will be worth it.