Janelle Dockray-Queen Unlocked Client

Christina Tarantola

“Before working with Christina, I felt stuck and felt the desire to dive into her Queen, Unlocked 4 week program. I had been following her work for some time and wanted to take my business to the next level. 

The sessions with Christina were so powerful and she uncovered both my unconscious blocks AND my brilliance and gifts in such a natural way. 

Working with Christina helped me realize my purpose and superpower of being a connector and being able to connect pharmacists to the people and resources they need. 

I loved the bonus group session and her meditations; I found them really helpful and am still using them every night.

As a result of working with Christina, I raised my prices, which I was afraid to do previously and created my Career Clarity for Community pharmacist program which is launching this month! I am also launching a community platform to connect pharmacists and feel so excited about all that I’m doing in my business! 

I feel more confident in reaching out to people, overcame the fear of rejection, and naturally sharing the value of what I bring. Thank you, Christina – I know I made so much progress in your program!” 

-Janelle Dockray

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