Judy Weiss

Christina Tarantola

Review of The Lighten Up Kickstarter Program

Six weeks ago I would’ve been surprised that a group of women, most of whom were previously unknown to each other, could bond significantly after meeting only a few times in an online discussion forum. Since joining Christina Tarantola’s Lighten Up Kickstarter Group, however, I’ve become part of the living proof that it can happen!

There are several major keys to the magic Christina creates…

✅First, she provides assignments that facilitate deep introspection regarding core issues.

✔️Second, she carefully selects participants based upon commonalities, openness/receptivity and the capacity to listen and speak from a constructive, mutually supportive stance. The women in our group share from the heart with courage and honesty. We offer reflective feedback, and we uplift and cheer one another onward.

✅Third is Christina herself. She is a uniquely gifted leader and guide whose depth of knowledge, accumulated experience and innate soul-wisdom are a continual source of insight, inspiration  and encouragement.

I strongly recommend The Lighten Up Kickstarter or any of Christina’s programs to every woman who is prepared for profound transformation and ready to realize the promise she holds within her.