Katie Wood-Magnetic Wealth Queen

Christina Tarantola

“I knew I wanted to be a part of Christina’s Magnetic Wealth Queen program as soon as I heard the words “pleasure-led”. Those words lit me up inside and I knew that was what I wanted for myself and my business.

I am so grateful for Christina’s unwavering support, guidance and genuine belief in me and my gifts. When I look back at 2022 as a whole I am SO PROUD of my personal and professional development.

With Christina’s intuition and support, I have released blocks and limiting beliefs which created space for many of my accomplishments. I spoke at a women’s retreat, sold my first high-ticket program, created a membership, podcast, Etsy shop, expanded my social media presence and I even co-authored a book!

Christina truly cares and wants to see you succeed and I am so thankful for her brilliance and friendship.”✨💜