Katie Wood Testimonial

Christina Tarantola

“This program has literally sealed, signed and delivered so many things for me!! I have been doing this inner work and seeking pleasure within my business for over a year now. Pristine has really been the glue to make everything come together for me and stick. First off, laying down a healthy foundation of energetic integrity to lead within my business (and my personal life) has been so paramount! Being a mother and an entrepreneur both require a lot of presence and energy, (but if you’re out of alignment it’s impossible to have both) so being in pristine alignment with both has been incredible!❤️‍🔥I’ve been able to dial up my confidence not only by showing up live on social media, podcasts, conferences as well as my magnetic messaging! I think the biggest change I’ve experienced is regulating my nervous system and anchoring safety within the body. I had a potential client think about backing out of signing up for my program, and by anchoring in safety and coming from a place of love, she decided to sign up…now THAT is a total game changer! I also enjoyed the community and connection aspect of the program. Thank you Christina Fontana for sharing your brilliance and creating a ripple effect in the world by doing so! 💜✨

– Katie Wood