Niloufar – Ignite Your Light Retreat Testimonial

Christina TarantolaLeave a Comment

“Christina is a bright light that shines on everyone she meets. There is something healing about just being in her presence and you get the feeling that she wants to see her clients and friends become the best version of themselves. As a coach she is very tuned in and perceptive, and will honestly share what she thinks each person’s blocked points of awareness are and will hold people she loves accountable in the kindest most empowering way. 

She doesn’t want anyone to play small, and we love her for it. She has a huge amount of knowledge in the entrepreneurial realm, having started her own businesses, and shares her steps in creating a conscious joy-based business model and plan from step 1 all the way to the end.

My biggest takeaway from this retreat was knowing that other people are having very similar doubts and struggles as me. I’d recommend this for any and all women who are interested in starting a business/blog/service or having thoughts of this but struggling with imposter syndrome or self doubt.”


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