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“I’m really thankful to Christina Fontana for creating the #visibility3daychallenge for us female pharmacist entrepreneurs.
I have seen so many wonderful people stretch and grow over the last few days. I love hearing what these women are doing in their businesses and how they are helping others. Some are staying in more pharmacy-related roles and some are stepping out. It is all good. It all involves health in some way. (If you need any kind of help in a certain area like herbalism, fitness, fertility, oncology, mental health, rapid transformation—there are so many areas!—but I might know someone!)
I have a hesitation of letting myself be out there and be seen, so this challenge helped me step out of my comfort zone. (I can’t grow remaining stuck in my comfort zone!) I posted and made myself vulnerable and I didn’t die! I am my own worst critic, and I am working to change that!
I’m thankful for everyone’s encouragement on my posts (and DMs) over the last few days. I’m not as afraid to be seen, and this challenge really helped that. It was the push I needed. I know if I get too comfortable, I have you all out there to help give me the push I need, right? Thank you! Lots of love for you!💖
😎OH! Guess who won the prize for most VISIBLE? Yep, I did! Woo-hoo!”

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