Sarah Howard-Brilliant Soul Client

Christina Tarantola

“I recently gave myself the gift of working 1:1 with Christina through her brilliant soul program, and it came at just the right time for me.

I already had first-hand knowledge of how powerful working with her can be…but this program was different.

Now that I’ve completed the brilliant soul program with Christina, I feel like we’ve unlocked the next level for me. Before working with her in this way, I knew that I had the ability to shift but I didn’t feel as though I had the ability or the confidence to sustain the shift or work through challenges as they reappeared or happened again. I’d get busy with life and forget my tools.

Working with Christina and this very intentional weeklong program was such a gift. I not only went through a lot of growth and releasing resistance, getting some relief from things that have been burdening me, but I also literally have made myself a tool kit of things that I can lean on going forward. I feel like I have so many tools now, right at my fingertips, to disrupt any patterns creep back in and tap into what’s going on and nourish myself — I’ve already been putting them into action IN REAL LIFE and it’s been a game changer.”