Testimonial for Catherine Delashaw Henderson

Christina TarantolaLeave a Comment

For those that are curious– I wanted to share my real world results from working with Christina Fontana. I was completely stuck in my business and had a block around promoting the business and myself. I did not know that I had a subconscious block (because it was subconscious) but after a year and a half of virtually zero results in my business I was ready to try things that were outside of the “norm” and my comfort zone.

I attended the Elevate retreat and joined the Elevate program and finally discovered my subconscious block>> and dealt with the lies I had been believing about myself. Results? Prior to my work with Christina I had launches that made $0-1K (some total flops and some limited success). I’ve had 2 launches since then– the first one when I had only done limited work and had a $3k launch and the next one post-retreat where I had my first 5-figure launch. 🚀 I share figures for those of you who need to justify the finances of a commitment like this but the truth is the value is so much greater than that in personal growth. Christina is a gem and has found her calling in helping others to rise.

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