Testimonial from Angela Failor-Elevate Retreat

Christina TarantolaLeave a Comment

“Wow. I’m still in awe & blown away. What an incredible & life changing weekend! 🏝☀️❤️
I was honored to support my friend & life-coach Christina Fontana at her second Elevate Retreat for empath entrepreneurs this year!
Christina’s work is truly unique & impactful. You never leave her presence without leveling up! Christina doesn’t just talk the talk, she genuinely walks the walk! She will lovingly call you out to call you up & hold your hand through the process! Her intuition is always on point & there’s truly no one else like her to work with! 💖
She dedicates her life to helping others release their blockages to achieve their dreams! She is such an inspirational example of what living with self-love & integrity can do to shift you from merely existing to thriving!
I’m so thankful for Christina’s courage to step in to her own healing and soul-mission to support others on a similar path and call out their greatness! I love that she holds these retreats and supportive groups to connect like-minded women. It helps us all to remember we are not alone on our healing journey. It’s so comforting and empowering!
Thank you, Christina! You are a blessing to so many! I can’t wait to see where God takes you next! 💗

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