Three Principles to Call in More Clients for Your Business

If you’re wanting to call in more clients + cash in your business you may already be trying these strategies…

Working harder, posting more on social media, getting on more podcasts, etc…

Telling yourself you just need to manage your time better or to ‘buckle down’ and focus to get to your goals…

Try a new strategy like a traditional launch, 5 day challenge, or workshop to call in those clients.

…but even with all of that hard work, you’re hearing crickets from your audience and not seeing that effort reflected in your bank account and business.

With love, here’s what may be happening…

There may be blocks and blindspots that you aren’t seeing because you’re too close to your business.

These are some of the main trip-ups I see in my rapid transformation/business coaching practice…

#1. You have money stories around what people will invest.

Thoughts like…

“The economy is bad and money is tight right now.”

“People won’t buy if I create a high-ticket offer.”

“I need to be affordable or else ______(people will think I’m greedy, no one will buy, etc)”

Your BELIEFS create your reality and in the sales process, when you go to share your investment level, if you feel guilt/shame or “bad” for charging, you’re going to sabotage the Discovery call. You may already be assuming what your prospect can afford or not afford.

#2. Your audience is having trouble CONNECTING with you.

When you are connected and PRESENT with yourself, stabilized in your nervous system, your prospect will be magnetized to that. We unconsciously trust brands that are consistent and have solid boundaries because we feel SAFE.

This is why the inner energetic work is so powerful to create a solid foundation for scaling your business.

#3. There is no clear path to work with you.

Does your audience know the name of at least one of your Signature Offers if you polled them right now? If not, you need to lean into clearing connecting the dots between YOUR offer and the prospects biggest DESIRES.

This is multi-faceted and comes down to magnetic messaging frameworks that speak to the hearts of your prospect and have them reach out to you to hire you. It also involves communicating the high-value solution you provide for that client so they know YOU are the one they have-to-hire.

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In this bundle, you’ll learn how to –

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Dr. Christina Fontana, AKA The Pharmacist Coach, is a pharmacist, holistic healer, rapid transformation business coach, speaker, and 5-time author. She helps spiritually-driven women to ‘Reignite Your Light’ and shine in your brilliance, confidence, and true essence. 

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