✨👸🏻What’s Up With the Queen Crowns? 👸🏻✨

👸✨What’s up with the Queen crowns my clients wear?

You may have asked yourself that at one point or another while being in my world here at The Pharmacist Coach. I’m going to share the deeper meaning with you today.

I just invited several new Queens into my Elevate Entrepreneur Academy, and when any woman comes into one of my paid containers, they receive a Queen crown.

To someone who doesn’t know the meaning and symbolism behind it, it may seem child-like or silly. Are we playing dress up here? 😉 Pretty, pretty Princess was decades ago!

But to me, when I send a woman a Queen crown, it is highly symbolic for our transformation journey together.

To me, the Queen crown represents two important concepts –

#1. Connecting to your Divinity – The 7th chakra (crown chakra) connects us to the Divine and our intuition. I believe that if we connect to that Divine wisdom, we can channel it into our heart-centered businesses.

When you do this, you use the gifts you were given and can make an impact on the world through the vehicle of your business. God is truly my CEO and where I get all of my ideas and action steps from.

#2. Connecting back to your inherent worth and value – So many women struggle with unworthiness and part of the work I do is helping guide you to unwind that programming and plug back into your inherent worth.

We all through trying times in our lives and businesses. You can choose to become bitter and stay small because of it…or you can become MORE empowered because of it.

This is my intention for every single client and for everyone who comes into my energy (free or paid groups and programs) – that you feel uplifted and empowered by being in my field.

Even still, not everyone is going to ‘get it’ and it’s not FOR everyone to get. 😉 My SOUL clients know how deep this work goes and how it helps you elevate your energy and your business.

The deep rapid transformation business coaching I do with my clients helps you to…

✨Release old programming to remember who you are (the most authentic, real you) and unlock your healing gifts to shine your light so your soul clients know YOU are their coach and have to hire you.

✨Calibrate and elevate to your Queen self, the Highest version of you that is anchored in UNSHAKEABLE confidence and power and MAGNETIZES your clients TO you (vs feeling like you’re begging/needing people to work with you.)

✨Collapse time to accelerate your path to HOLD higher levels of wealth and clients (without hand holding, overwhelm, or working 50 hours a week.)

✨Create simple structures, systems, and support to scale your profitable business with ease and flow.

This is exactly how I help my 1:1 clients in my newest 1:1-8 month program, Magnetic Wealth Queen.👸

This is a highly curated intimate container where we dive deep into subconscious clearing, somatic healing, and mastering your energetic magnetism so you’re consistently calling in clients + cash for your heart-centered business with EASE and way less effort.

We move through elevating your offers, pricing, standards, magnetic messaging, and more so you are channeling from your SOUL and your soul clients see you as

You’ll be plugging into proven frameworks, systems, and strategies I’ve mastered over the past 10 years…to help you scale for the long-haul.

It’s me and you, Queen. I’m in your corner for 8 months channeling your most opulent offers + potent pricing…+ we’re co-creating your six figure biz together.

So if you’ve been dipping your toe into the waters of entrepreneurship – reading books, doing mindset work, or listening to inspiring podcasts…

And you know it’s time and you’re READY to DIVE all the way tf in to scale your profitable business…

Want to know more?  Email my team today! 👸



P.S. You’re already a Queen. It’s time to RECLAIM your crown.

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