The Needle Movers You Need to Scale Your Profitable Heart-Centered Business!

What are the behind-the-scenes needle movers needed to scale a profitable heart-centered business?
I’m here to answer that today!
Over the past 10 years, I’ve grown my business to a 7-figure coaching business.
But it wasn’t always this way.
Along the way there were a lot of things I spent time, money, and energy on that didn’t move me forward.
Things like…
  • Spending lots of time and money on Facebook ads hoping someone would buy
  • Wasting time in a large Mastermind group that wasn’t personalized to my needs (cookie cutter strategy + surface-level mindset work)
  • Trying to figure it all out on my own, Googling strategies, reading books and listening to podcasts, mimicking what other coaches were doing
  • ‘Putting myself out there’ posting rah-rah content, but not doing the deeper energetic work (releasing my scarcity/unworthiness, insecurities, control patterns, and people pleasing) needed for me to hold higher levels of income and clients
Of course none of these things were a waste of time as I learned SO much from those experiences. But none of them touched the depth of what I actually NEEDED to scale – the inner energetic shifts.
Anyway, I like for things to be easy, quicker…and much less complicated. 😉 So I started focusing on the activities that would actually get me to where I wanted to go.
Scaling your business is actually simple when you…
  • Peel away the sabotaging ‘busy work’ and release what’s not moving the needle,
  • Reveal and clear the self-sabotage (imposter syndrome, insecurities/self-doubt, perfectionism, fear of being seen) + elevate your energy (more on this later) AND
  • Prioritize what’s ACTUALLY working and bringing in business

Btw, these principles can be applied to your business no matter if you teach people how to make money or not.

I have specific needle movers (practical and energetic) that I prioritize on a daily, weekly, & monthly basis.

And I want to share them with you today.

Before I dive into this list, please don’t feel like you need to do ALLL of these things. I share so that you can pick and choose what works for you, your schedule, your body, and preferences.

Energetic management needle movers –

These are a combination of fun + self-care things to maintain my energy so that I can fully show up and serve my clients without burn out. I’m a highly sensitive person and serve a lot of women, so these are MUST have’s not ‘nice-to-have.’

#1. Monthly things I do for my energy –

  • 90 minute massage
  • Chiropractic adjustment
  • Signature facial or skin treatment
  • Connecting with friends for coffee, dinner, parties, etc.

#2. Weekly things I do for my energy –

  • Epsom salt bath at least twice per week (clearing my energy) – I use Whole Foods rose petal bath bombs
  • Setting boundaries around my schedule and time
    • I only show up on Zoom or a Live on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday – Thursday is a light work day and I’m off Fri-Sunday
    • I take social media off my phone after 4PM on weekdays and after Friday at noon (unless I’m doing a launch or workshop)
  • I work out at least 4 days a week (either going for a walk, doing spin classes, or kickboxing)
  • Writing a gratitude list (probably do this at least 3 times per week) + journaling about ideas, or downloads I receive during meditation or during the day
  • Working through my own blocks with my support team and on my own (journaling and rewiring my subconscious)
  • Reading, listening to podcasts, or YouTube videos – I’m constantly learning

#3. Daily things I do for my energy –

  • Supplements – Multivitamin, ashwaganda + probiotics, Om green matcha latte mix, Vital Proteins collagen in my coffee
  • Nutrition – Balancing my blood sugar to maintain steady energy –
    • I’m dairy-free and don’t drink alcohol due to my rosacea, so I steer clear of those things
    • Breakfast – Oatmeal + Arbonne protein + organic berries (raspberries or blueberries) + coffee
    • Snacks are peanut butter and rice cakes, Dark chocolate, vegan protein bars
    • Lunch/Dinner – vegetable + protein + carb – This varies depending on what Eric cooks (he loves to cook meats like steak, chicken, etc) and what I have on hand. We always have a salad, cucumbers, and celery on hand. Funny side note- Penny loves cucumbers haha
  • Meditation for at least 10 minutes – I intuitively select a YouTube guided meditation
  • Lots of Penny snuggles
  • Watching something on HBO Max (currently watching episodes of Friends) – I watch light-hearted shows mainly, but this is KEY for me to unwind and relax
Business needle movers –

#1. Monthly –

  • Connect with past leads (people who have reached out about offers or programs)
  • Goal setting and planning for future events or offerings
  • Recording podcasts or being a guest on someone else’s podcast
  • Growing partnerships/collaborations relationships
  • Creating new content for programs or retreats
  • Meeting with my coach twice a month

#2. Weekly/Daily –

Providing value by…

In my Elevate Entrepreneur Academy,I give more detail into the specific needle movers (energetically + practically) to help you fast-track your path to SCALING your profitable heart-centered business.

I teach you how to ELEVATE your energy and messaging so clients are reaching out to YOU…Versus you feeling like you have to chase after them or do crazy strategies like following tons of people on Instagram in hopes that they’ll friend you and become your client.

This is a proven system that I’ve developed over the last 10 years of going from being a BURNT OUT pharmacist to a LIT UP full-time entrepreneur. The simple principles you’ll learn will pay off for years to come and you’ll be surrounded by pharmacist entrepreneurs who support you and want to see you SHINE.

It’s only been 3 weeks, and many of these Queens have recouped their investment on the course…and then some. They’ve seen HUGE shifts in the way they are showing up in their elevated leadership energy, drawing in more clients + cash for their business.

I share a lot of the content I do with my 1:1 clients but for 1/8th of the price.

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