Nothing Changes Without Changing Patterns and Beliefs

🌟🌟What You’re Doing Isn’t Working…But You Keep Doing it. {Sound Familiar?}

Have you ever experienced this? 👇👇
When you think back to an average week for you, you tend to…
Think the same thoughts. 🧠
Feel the same feelings.
Have the same habits. 🧐
And nothing changes…😬even though you WANT a new outcome.
Here’s the thing…
Without awareness, we tend to run certain unconscious patterns on autopilot. 👨‍✈️
In other words, you’re doing the same things expecting different results.
Even if the actions are changing, the subconscious beliefs are not. Therefore you slip back into old patterns easily without much changing on the outside.
Think of it this way…👇👇
Imagine a weed 🌱growing in the ground.
Your PATTERN represents the LEAVES 🌱and what can be seen on the conscious level.
And the BELIEFS attached to that pattern act as the ROOTS and are often hidden from your view.
AKA – You may know you self-sabotage and that you have this pattern running, but have no clue why or how to shift it. 🤷‍♀️
So what do you do?
✨You may try all of these random actions and strategies to ‘fix’ it. Paging Dr. Google anyone? 😅
✨You may numb out the problem through alcohol, overeating, staying busy, or doing something socially acceptable like working too much.
✨You may straight up avoid it all together because you’re terrified to look at yourself.
But you know what you’re doing ain’t workin’. 🤯
In order to TRANSFORM the outside, you need to look at these PATTERNS and BELIEFS and shift them.
They’ll keep coming up as lessons in your life one way or another…
Even if you trim the leaves off the weed, it still grows back…just like the old patterns and beliefs.✂️
So if what you’re doing isn’t working, maybe you need another way.
Here’s what you can do next:
Put the clear intention out that you want support from the Universe to help you with this – then be open to seeing where your intuition leads you. Simply pray about this and send out a clear intention in whatever way feels aligned for you.
Then keep an eye out for what you see in your reality. Maybe you get drawn to a support group, coach, therapist, or program that resonates with you. Or you hear a recommendation (book, resource, or contact) and feel guided to look it up. Follow that feeling!
Whatever you decide, let this be a sign that you CAN release these old patterns keeping you stuck and in a cycle of frustration and self-sabotage.
You’ve got this! 😉
LMK what patterns and beliefs are keeping you stuck!
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