Putting Belief Before Evidence

🌟I’m not impervious to fear.

In fact, I am constantly stretching myself out of my comfort zone. I just don’t let fear stop me.
Recently I hired a YouTube editor for my videos and let’s just say it isn’t cheap. My goal by hiring this editor is to reach and impact more people through my YouTube channel. My goal is to reach 30k subscribers.
And trust me, I am used to spending a good chunk of change on coaching, programs, etc. But for some reason, this felt different.
When I dug into WHY I felt so uncomfortable spending money on this YouTube editor, part of it was that it requires FAITH. The logical part of my brain said, “there is no direct ROI here.” I have to TRUST that the channel will grow through this effort.
In other words, have the BELIEF before the evidence is there.
I also know that I am going to be more visible, leaving me open to criticism. That part bothers me less because I’ve been criticized, told ‘No’ many times, and know people’s reaction to me is based on their own ‘stuff.’
I share this story for two reasons:
#1. To be transparent that, yes, I do feel fear from time to time. AND I don’t let it stop me. Ever.
#2. To let you know that you have to put your FULL FAITH and energy into something without seeing the physical evidence first. This is honestly how I’ve made every single decision in my business. I trusted my gut, followed the guidance, and took action before the physical proof was there.
However, most people wait until…
Until you have a certain amount of money in your bank account.
Until you feel ‘ready.’
Until the ‘perfect’ circumstances line up.
Until some external outcome happens…and THEN maybe you take action.
I’m challenging you to reverse engineer that.
Take action BECAUSE you believe so whole-heartedly in your vision. And then the Universe will come support you. 😉 Leap before the net appears. Trust me, you’ll be supported. I am living proof of it.
Cheering you on in your journey as you stretch your comfort zone!
LMK how it’s going below!
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