Ready to get off the Emotional Roller Coaster?

This week I wanted to talk about a self-destructive pattern I have noticed lately in many of the women I talk to each week.
These women are very smart, extremely successful and accomplished…and they crave to make a big impact out in the world using their soul gifts.
Somewhere along the way, they get derailed from their big goals, dreams, and desires. They’re feeling stuck but can’t quite pin-point what isn’t working or why they aren’t getting to their desired outcome faster.
They may find themselves repeating cyclical patterns that keep them small, hidden, and stuck where they are. It’s almost like they’re on a roller coaster of extremes – experiencing exhausting highs and lows that leads to burn out, self criticism, and shame.
I call it the ‘emotional roller coaster pattern’ and it’s directly rooted back to trauma and drama cycles.
So what does this practically look like?
They seek out these REALLY high high’s…
·      Shopping or spending excessively on vacations, shoes, purses, it doesn’t really matter what they buy because there is always more to buy (it’s never enough)
·      Getting involved with men who are unavailable or mistreat them (but give them sporadic amounts of attention)
·      Losing weight then gaining it right back
·      Hiring a coach, but then abandoning themselves and sabotaging their goals
·      Working harder, doing MORE to prove their worth – to get to the next ‘high’ or achievement – and setting excessively high expectations and far-reaching, unattainable standards
·      Using alcohol, food, cigarettes, or keeping busy to avoid negative feelings
·      Focusing on everyone else’s drama or challenges only to have their needs and desires fade away and watch their health decline
This results in the REALLY low low’s…
·      Feeling guilty and ashamed after the event
·      Beating themselves up for doing it ‘yet again’
·      Shaming and blaming themselves for repeating the same old familiar pattern
Having an expectation hangover – feeling hopeless and like the cycle will never end
·      Collapsing into bed every night feeling exhausted, depleted, and spent
It’s an emotional roller coaster ride (that they REALLY want to get off of)…
Can you relate? What gives?
You’re really craving a FEELING and the next dopamine (feel-good chemical) hit…which comes from the ‘high’ column. Your body has gotten used to this cycle and it becomes an unconscious addiction.
If you are disconnected from yourself, you may unconsciously seek those highs but then abandon your goals, resulting in chronic self-doubt, a harsh inner critic, negative self-image, pattern of dysfunctional relationships, constant anxiety, and/or lack of purpose in life.
If you’re constantly caught up in vicious cycles and the emotional roller coaster, it can be that much more difficult to focus on your business and life purpose.
It can also be an unconscious defense mechanism of keeping drama in the forefront of your life (and keeping yourself small) so you don’t have to shine.
From the examples above, it’s easy to see why transformation and healing is SO intimately tied to rising to the next level in your life and business.
This is where I come in.
I’ve been there and done all of the vicious cycles myself – dating the wrong men, suppressing my feelings through food addictions, and striving to prove my worth through achieving ‘the next thing’ in my business. But the emotional roller coaster always left me with how any ‘drug’ hangover makes you feel – empty, alone, frustrated, and in a cycle of self-loathing.
That is, until I made the CHOICE to heal.
Healing and transformation isn’t a one-size fits all or cookie-cutter process. It requires an intuitive approach – one that can’t be learned by reading a book or watching a video. You’ve probably tried all that – and I’m guessing it hasn’t lead to a permanent solution.
It doesn’t have to be this difficult….
It’s allowed to be EASY…and this is why I created Release and Rise, my 6 month group program to help you go from BURNT OUT to LIT UP with passion, using your soul gifts and getting paid abundantly for them.
We’ll move through these rapid transformation pillars – hypnosis/subconscious programming, rewiring your brain and nervous system for expansion, energetic rebalancing and clearing, quantum timeline shifting, embodiment, and more to help you overcome these vicious cycles to SHINE YOUR LIGHT and make the impact you’re craving.
You’ll receive laser-focused intuitive guidance from yours truly to show you your path of least resistance to accelerate the path to your desire. One of my gifts is that I can diagnose (within 5 minutes) what your specific block(s) is/are and help you shift it QUICKLY.
You’ll be unlocking and unblocking decades worth of patterns to RISE into who you came here to be…feeling lit up as do it!
I’m going to be bold in saying this…
I know you didn’t come here to play small, hide your light, or wait until the conditions are absolutely ‘perfect’ before you step into your mission and why you came here.
So I want you to imagine this…Imagine it’s 90 days from now and you…
✨Have released old energetic patterns and vicious cycles (perfectionism, people-pleasing, over-giving, fear of being seen) that once kept you small, hidden, and trapped…
✨Have a clear plan (and the courage!) to reduce your hours to part-time or leave your job…
✨Feel lit up, confident, and clear on your next steps and where you’re going in 2022 and beyond!
This is what’s on the table for you to say YES to – as you move from BURNT OUT to LIT UP making a big impact using your gifts and getting paid abundantly for it!
You get to choose yourself – no more running, hiding, or self-abandonment. It’s here for you NOW. Don’t miss out on this.
Email me at [email protected] for more details about Release and Rise and we’ll chat to see if it’s a good fit.
P.S. This is the LAST TIME I am offering this program and this is unlike any other program I’ve offered (even my 1:1 coaching.) There won’t be a ‘next round’ to catch, so NOW is the time to dive into this magic.
We’re starting in January so you can kick off 2022 feeling light, energized, and excited about shining your light and creating the life you DESERVE.