She Rises to Desire Podcast Episode 17. Clearing The Dimming Your Light Syndrome in Your Biz

In this episode, I talk about what a block actually is, how it impacts your life and business, and give 3 practical action steps to clearing Dimming Your Light Syndrome. Here is my Ascension collection: Monetize Your Magic Facebook Group: Dr. Christina Fontana is a rapid transformation coach, hypnotherapist, pharmacist, and 4-time author. One of Dr. Christina’s gifts … Read More

When Control Blocks Your Magic

This morning I had a powerful epiphany and wanted to share it with you… 🌟🌟What if CONTROL was actually blocking you from experiencing more MAGIC in your life? Control is a survival mechanism that many of us have on autopilot as a defense mechanism to keep us ‘safe’. It’s a fear-based frequency that often goes under the radar because we … Read More