When Control Blocks Your Magic

This morning I had a powerful epiphany and wanted to share it with you…

🌟🌟What if CONTROL was actually blocking you from experiencing more MAGIC in your life?
Control is a survival mechanism that many of us have on autopilot as a defense mechanism to keep us ‘safe’. It’s a fear-based frequency that often goes under the radar because we are unaware it’s running.
When we were small, (especially if we experienced a lot of chaos), using control was an unconscious way to feel secure and safe.
However, needing to feel safe through control is an illusion. It’s giving your power away and keeping you in lower frequencies of fear.
When you’re trying to “do it all,” force and plan every little thing, you block the miracles and magic waiting to flood in for you.
I just had this huge realization this morning as my Higher Self showed me that I CAN, in fact, surrender and trust.
Because the truth is…
I have held the belief that I can’t trust people for pretty much my whole life. That I have to protect myself and control outcomes to make sure I don’t get hurt, disappointed, or duped.
And lately, I have been encountering situations that brought this self fulfilling prophecy out even MORE.
I had a man promise me he’d get me on t.v., took $2500 of my money, then never delivered on his promise.
I’ve had trust issues come up with various people wanting to support/collaborate in business.
I sent packages down to Florida for my upcoming retreat and one of them is stuck in transit with no available date of delivery. Talk about having to trust and have faith!
My INNER belief is being reflected in these OUTER circumstances. It’s the theme of NOT TRUSTING. And I realized that it’s severely holding me back.
Can you relate?
This is coming up to be witnessed and released. In spiritual truth, I CAN trust. Because guess what? It always works out. I just need to show up as ME – the controlling the external things aren’t my job.
So this morning I rewired my brain with the new programming that I CAN trust. And that the more I surrender this ego voice, the more open my channel is to receive.👸🏻
Cheering you on as you surrender and receive all that is waiting for you…
LMK in the COMMENTS what control you want to release!

P.S. I just made a YouTube video about this topic – Let Go to Have it All – Check it out here.

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