Trick or Treat?

Trick or Treat? 🎃 👻

If you’ve been going through a LOT over the past couple of weeks, you’re not alone. The eclipse energy has been INTENSE over the past week or so.

You may be saying, eclipse – what?

Let me explain why things may feel a bit wonky or like sh*t really hit the fan in your life lately.

This year’s eclipse season started on October 25th (with the partial solar eclipse in Scorpio) and is ending with a total lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 8thScorpio placements activate/bring up drama and things that are hidden, but will come to the surface. This includes secrets. 

If you aren’t familiar with eclipse season, here is what you’ve probably been experiencing…

All of your patterns being brought up for you to witness and become aware of (so you can take action to heal and resolve them.) 

Beginnings and endings (relationships on all levels.) 

There may have been things that you may have been putting off and suddenly you’re forced to deal with them. This includes anything in relationships, business, health, family – pretty much any area of life.

Fun, right?

Major emotional upheavals causing us to release what isn’t working (habits, relationships, ways of being, etc)

In other words, we are laying a new energetic grid for our lives if we choose to surrender to what’s being shown to us. You always have free will to stay where you are or move to the next level of your souls evolution. 

I personally had a deep childhood wound of mine come up to be witnessed and released in a session with my nervous system support coach this past week. I still do this inner work and hire support to help hold space as I move to each next level of my business. 

So I’m with you on this, Queen!

With that being said, I want to give you some TREATS this Halloween to help you navigate this intense eclipse energy and scale your profitable business. 🎃 👻

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Enjoy your Halloween festivities!

With love,



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