When You’re Feeling Stuck in Life…

🤔Have you ever tried washing your car, rolled out the hose, only to find there was a kink? The water pressure 💦was at a bare minimum…and until you let the kink out, the water couldn’t flow properly.
💎The same idea is true for what you attract into your life. If there is a block in your energy, what you are broadcasting won’t be clear…and you won’t attract your desired outcome.
💜Most people try to change on a conscious level – doing affirmations, saying, “I am healthy. I am wealthy etc.” However, if there is a ‘block’ like the hose example, the thought falls flat.
🧐It’s like if you are driving in another state trying to find a signal on the radio for good music. Most of the stations are all warbled and you can’t find a decent channel.
Having a clear, conscious thought is great. It means that on some level, you’ve created the vision for what you want.
BUT if in your subconscious BODY, you…
…Feel unworthy 🥺or undeserving to attract more money or feel good in your body.
…Secretly think people with money are greedy, evil, or some other limited thought.
…Don’t feel you have any value to provide to the world.
Your energetic signal isn’t gonna work. That hose will be all kinked up! 😖
🔥So how do you change this?🔥
✅You need to begin generating a new energetic signal, one that is congruent with your vision.
🙋‍♀️Aligning your subconscious blueprint with your vision is one way to achieve this. Releasing old stories and beliefs is another.
Once you have the clear, focused thought along with the active emotional engagement somatically (in the body), BOOM. Manifestation. 👏👏
👸🏻In The Sacred Alchemy: Embodying Your Quantum Queen Program, one of the pillars I teach is on how to alchemize your frequency so the energy you are broadcasting is clear and energetically aligned with your desired life.
💎It’s so much more than just attracting what you desire…It’s really about you feeling good so that you live a life of freedom and fulfillment…And that JOY spills over to impact other lives. And the domino effect continues.
👸🏻It all starts with your DECISION to say YES.
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