Why Do I Need A Signature Offer for My Online Business?

Why Do I Need A Signature Offer for My Online Business?

This is a question I get A LOT in my transformation coaching business.

I help visionary women release self-sabotage so you can own your brilliance out in the world.

So naturally the question comes up around having a way to package your magic.

Here’s the thing…

First, I want you to understand that the STRATEGY is ONLY about 10% of your business. Ninety percent of executing on this strategy is about your mindset and energy.

If you have blocks around worthiness…

Fear of failure, success, being seen, owning your confidence…

If you are giving your power away to people-pleasing, or playing small out of fear…

Old habits of procrastination, perfectionism, or confusion…

No amount of strategy will help you execute. Self-sabotage will naturally creep in.

That is why the transformation work of releasing old habits, ways of thinking, and being…to rewire your mind and body for success…is so important.

Yes, strategy and creating a Signature Offer to package your magic is important.

AND…that’s only 10% of the equation. 😉

Back to the Signature Offer part…

Having a Signature Offer helps you to package your brilliance. It’s also more effective for your client’s transformation.

Let me explain…

Many coaches start off having a smaller one, two, or three session packages. In my opinion, this doesn’t give much room for TRUE transformation. The client is also not as committed energetically when they have a small package like this.

Having a Signature Offer where there is a CONTAINER for transformation is much more effective. I.e., 3 months or more.

Think about it. Any type of coaching you are doing is going to require time to help that client through their transformation. Change doesn’t happen overnight as we all know!

Giving them the time and space to look at their current beliefs, habits, ways of being and taking them through deprogramming those ways of being that aren’t serving them, takes time.

A Signature Offer (Program) contains these components:

#1. What you are teaching them. What makes your program unique? What are the RESULTS you’ll be getting them by the end of the program?

#2. A length of time – How long will this transformation take? Three, four, six months?

#3. An investment level – The energetic exchange (dollar amount) your client pays you will reflect upon various things…

-The length of the program

-The amount of time and energy you are putting into creating it and supporting them through the process

-Your expertise and knowledge

As you can see there are various components to creating your irresistible Signature Offer. Not only do you need to know your ideal client, what they want, and how to build the offer…you need the transformation work behind it!

As a result, I’ve created a step-by-step method to help you Monetize Your Magic AND Elevate your mindset in this bundle below!
Here is what you’ll receive with this bundle offer:
#1. The Monetize Your Magic 6-week e-course (normally $697)

In this self-paced course, I’ll show you how to…

-Clear resistance and identify your soulmate client

-Create weekly needle movers for your biz

-Pricing and packaging your offer

-Create content for social media, newsletters, etc

-Authentically connect with and attract your ideal client

-Soulfully enroll new clients into your retreats, programs, etc.

#2. Some bonuses you’ll receive: Normally ($997)

Strategic Ascension guide – a 40 page step-by-step to build your online business (literally everything you’ll need)

Ignite Your Light Retreat with a hypnosis to rewire your mindset for success

-A powerful sound healing meditation to anchor in confidence and release old patterns




I can’t wait to see you in the members-only group and watch you Monetize Your Magic!



P.S. If you know you just want ONE of those two programs above, check out the Start Here section of my website!