✨👸🏻I’ve Never Shared This…👸🏻 ✨

👸✨Ever since I was a little girl, I was highly sensitive. My dad said I came out of the womb crying…and I wouldn’t stop.

I picked up on the energies of people around me and it was SO overwhelming. I hated the lunch room all throughout my school years because of the noise and feeling over-stimulated overall.

But as it turns out, my sensitivity was and IS a huge gift.

If you’re an empath, I know you can relate to this. 

Up until this point, I haven’t really OWNED what I’m about to share.

I honestly had no clue I was doing this naturally until I had someone reflect it to me about a month ago.

It was and is so natural to me and it is part of the magic of how I help clients transform so quickly.

Here it is…

I can quickly read a client’s energy (intangible) and articulate it into (tangible) practical words. In other words, I can read your energy, clearly see your brilliance and gifts… and clearly translate it into powerful magnetic messaging, offers, and products/services that will call in your soul clients.

Side note – I also realize that I like speed and efficiency – hence the draw to rapid transformation. I don’t like wasted time or energy so that’s how I work with my clients. I don’t want something to take 90 minutes if I can do it in 5.
I quickly diagnose, move through rapid transformation, + help you calibrate to a higher frequency in your biz.

Because I’m highly sensitive and intuitive, I’m able to tune into your energy within 5 minutes and quickly diagnose…

✨The unconscious blocks in your field and what’s keeping you stuck + how to shift it

✨The energy leaks of what’s draining your power and unworkable + how to clear it to allow more flow

✨The blindspots you’re not seeing (that are sabotaging your efforts) from the actions you are taking (or not taking) + how to release it

I also tune into…

✨Your soul gifts, brilliance, and highest Queen embodiment

✨The frequency lacing through your business that is creating the current reality you’re experiencing

✨The magnetic messaging that will call in your soul clients and connect the dots to why they need you NOW

✨The opulent offers and profitable product suite that is wanting to channel through you + your business

I hear, feel, see, and know very quickly what’s happening energetically…and I’m able to help you shift, tweak, and elevate PRACTICALLY so you’re able to energetically RECEIVE and HOLD higher levels of wealth + clients.

I realized that I LOVE doing this rapid transformation business strategy work and I want to help more pharmacists.

Introducing…✨Brilliant Soul✨ A week-long deep dive portal into unlocking your brilliance and magnetism to rise into your Queen embodiment.

We’ll meet for a 2 hour deep dive into the energy of your business and you’ll have Voxer access with me for 1 week post-session for integration. 

In the two hour deep dive, you and I will move through…

Intuitive Business Strategy

Energetic Frequency Calibration

Channeling Your Opulent Offers + Profitable Product Suite

Clearing Energy Leaks + Open Loops

Rapid Transformation

Magnetic Energy Dynamics

Soul alignment

Wealth coding

Queen frequency

+ more

When you’re in alignment with your souls calling, you unlock WEALTH.

You’ll be anchoring into your BRILLIANCE and you’ll leave with clear, tangible messaging, offers, and channeled guidance on next steps into your highest wealth timeline.

You’ll be unlocking your Queen essence and tapping into your soul blueprint (your Highest expression in this lifetime) that will impact your business growth for years to come.

With love,


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