👸✨How to Energetically Hold Higher Levels of Wealth + Clients

What I’ve learned over the past 10 years of being a coach and building my business to 7-figures is that there were certain energetic shifts that had to happen to HOLD higher levels of wealth + clients.

Up until 2018, I was making less than $20k/year in my business, but I had too many blocks to ask for help (unworthiness, pride, shame, control patterns, perfectionism.) I proudly wore the ‘Independent Woman’ mask as a trauma response from years of abuse and betrayal. It wound up costing me big time. 

When I finally LET GO of control (+ the fear of investing in myself), I invested $50k on business and transformation coaching and my income exploded. My energy field was OPENING + I was able to begin RECEIVING for my gifts.

I wasn’t able to HOLD higher levels until I did the inner work I always talk about…

Why is that? 

Because ninety to 95% of your success in business comes back to your energy.

The other 5-10% is execution + strategy (which you can research and read about online or learn from any business coach.)

Your ‘energy’ (or aura) holds all of your…

·      Beliefs and stories you have about yourself and what’s possible for you

·      Your subconscious programming, self-image/identity, and stories you hold about money, love, relationships, people, etc.

·      Trauma and stored emotions (shame, guilt, unworthiness, fear) that are creating your vibration, income, and current reality

·      Rare and regal gifts (more on this in the upcoming book), your brilliance, karma, etc.

·      Blocks and blindspots keeping you safe and small (unworthiness, perfectionism, procrastination, fear of failure, fear of being seen)

And right now, the energy of your business is speaking something to your audience. What is the energy of your biz communicating ? Is it needy/desperate? Unsure and full of self-doubt? Stuck in over-thinking?

Btw, this is part of my magic – I’m able to quickly tune into the energy of your business to see where you have energy leaks, blindspots, blocks, and outdated subconscious programming keeping you in lower energetic states (and income levels.) Remember- money = energy.

Through my unique blend of rapid transformation and intuitive business strategy/coaching, I help you raise the frequency of your business to call in your soul clients to RECEIVE and HOLD higher levels of wealth + clients.

I want to help you with this.

So here’s what I’m doing…

I’ve mapped out 6 key energetic shifts that had to happen for me to be able to HOLD higher levels of clients to create multiple six figure years. 

#1. Creating Energetic Integrity

#2. Releasing Subconscious Programming

#3. Inner Child/Quantum Healing

#4. Ownership of your Rare + Regal Gifts

#5. Magnetic Attraction Dynamics

#6. Sacred Sexy Masculine Structures

I’ve been contemplating doing an in-depth free Live training to help you with this.

AND, I want to be crystal clear that I desire to serve women who are ALL-IN and ready to take ACTION to implement this to scale a profitable business. This is for women who know that this work is the bridge to your desires.

Email me if you’re IN for this training and I’ll announce when and if I decide to create it. 😉

With love,


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