👸✨The Greatest Fear of the Ego is also the Opportunity for Becoming a Heart-Centered Beacon of Light

We’ve all had painful experiences in life that have caused us to unconsciously shut our hearts down as a means of protection.

Maybe you’ve moved through…

✨Repeated rejection from friends, family, or relationships

✨Abandonment through divorce, break ups, death, or being left to feel that your feelings/voice/opinions don’t matter

✨Deep disappointment and pain

✨Criticism and judgment from others because of the light you shine

Pain seeks protection.

So you unconsciously close your heart down – and cut off the flow of receiving out of safety and survival.

The more you shut down your heart, the more you cut yourself off from the blessings that want to pour into your life.

The ego’s biggest fear is that if…I open my heart and let someone see all of me, WHAT IF IT’S NOT ENOUGH?

✨What if I am not enough?

✨What if I show someone my best and it still isn’t enough?

✨What if I open my heart and I show someone (or people) the light I shine and it’s still not enough?

You want to avoid feeling disappointment, rejection, criticism – which creates self-sabotaging behaviors that dim your light.

The ego walks around unconsciously wanting you to close your heart (for protection.)

The amount of light that you shine is directly related to how deeply your heart is unconditionally open.

I am not saying that what happened was okay, but healing is about reclaiming your power through releasing and forgiving yourself for ever thinking it was your fault or that you were the target of that person’s pain.

If you’re used to walking around with your heart closed, it is going to be difficult to be OPEN to the blessings, abundance, and love that wants to pour in for you. Even if you’re presented with love and generosity, your heart will want to reject it or push it away. 

Instead of holding onto the past, closing your heart down in painful protection, from the highest perspective you can say, “Thank you for giving me another chance to open my heart.”

LOVE is a state of BEING that is unconditional.

It doesn’t give to receive. It doesn’t waiver or withdraw love when someone cannot meet it or receive it.

It just IS.

And instead of loving then looking around and seeking reciprocity, feeling drained by the love you give…

As you encounter various people in your life, everyone will meet you at a different level of consciousness and you’ll be able to see how open their heart is.

When you’re an empath and you feel everything on a deep level, you’re going to love a lot more than other people.

And when you still choose to shine your light into the world for beings who don’t know how to receive it, you love will be a strength.

Deeper levels of mastery involve knowing that even in the face of others who push away your love, you ask, “How much more can I open my heart?”

Because when you conditionally hold your love back, everything hurts.

Conditional love means you’re judging who gets more or less of your love based upon their conduct or deservingness. You’re often waiting for others to receive you (and give love to you) in a way that they can’t even give to themselves.

This is the fertile training ground for heart-centered mastery. And it’s a lesson I’m learning over and over again.

Opening your heart to shine your light from SOUL, without being concerned with who will receive, judge, criticize, or push it away IS how we become anchors of light in this world.

It’s how we create Heaven on Earth, bringing forth the well-being for all on this planet.

This is how you become a heart-centered healer – a beacon of light in the world. Because when you heal your own pain, you’re able to infuse more LOVE into the world.

I am a STAND for love and anchoring MORE light onto this planet. As I move through my own pain, grief, disappointment, and feelings of rejection – I OPEN my heart even more to the love that I’m really seeking…within my own heart.

It’s time for a love revolution, Queens.

THIS is the real mission of this coming book. Yes, it’s to help pharmacists transition to entrepreneurship.

But at the root, it’s to help awaken each heart to what’s possible when you shine your light unconditionally for the well-being of all.

This is just the beginning of the channeled messages coming through…more to come soon. <3



P.S. I’d love to hear what is resonating from this transmission. Email me to let me know.

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