🔥When you’re on the struggle bus 🚌…Here’s what to do. (RAW & REAL POST)🔥

🔥When you’re on the struggle bus 🚌…Here’s what to do. (RAW & REAL POST)🔥
Can You Relate?
🙌🏻You have a BIG vision. I mean, it gives you the chills when you think about it.
👏👏It’s you rocking’ it out as an entrepreneur, speaking on stages, and feeling powerful and lit up as you do it.
And yet, you are totally getting in your own way…
…Swirling in old patterns of self-doubt 😖and comparison to other women in your industry.
…Struggling to REALLY feel and embody your worth 💎when you are talking about your business.
…Sabotaging yourself by numbing out, getting distracted, or procrastinating on things you KNOW you should be doing.
I get it, trust me. Over the last 7 years, I was on the struggle bus🚌 in one form or another. Struggle was embedded my subconscious blueprint.
🍷Whether I was damaging my body by smoking, binge eating, drinking, or getting involved in abusive relationships…
Or working 12 hour days with no breaks, trying to get my business off the ground…
🏃🏽‍♀️Controlling, striving, achieving, and beating myself up in so many ways.
STRUGGLING WAS FAMILIAR and in a way I wore it as this invisible badge of honor…like, “Look what I survived.”
That thought held me back in SO many ways.
💎It wasn’t until I truly let go of the stories, bullshit beliefs, deep-seated energetic wounds, and started to reprogram my subconscious blueprint and how I saw myself, that EVERYTHING changed.
When there is nothing in the way, everything is possible.
That is what has poured into my life in the last year – abundance, blessings, and miracles beyond what I could have ever imagined.
💎It’s because… I GOT OUT OF MY OWN WAY.💎
👸🏻The truth is…You’re not meant to struggle, Queen.
💯You are meant to be waking up every day surrendering, opening up your heart and hands, and asking, “Okay Source, what do you need me to do today?”
👸🏻Surrendered Divine Feminine is where everything FLOWS into your life, which is what I’ll be teaching the Queens in my Quantum Queen Course. 👑
Open your heart and ask…🙌🏻You’ve got this!
Cheering you on in your journey!💜