Feeling Guilty About Setting Boundaries in Your Business? {Here’s What to Do}

I can totally relate.
Lately, I’ve been getting TONS of messages from LinkedIn, emails, Facebook requests, etc with people asking me questions or wanting to ‘pick my brain.’
Last week I felt guilty because someone wanted me to talk to their daughter to have an ‘encouraging conversation’ about being an entrepreneur. She had no interest in being a client at all.
When I set a boundary, she said something to the effect of, ‘In the future, I’d reconsider your choice. It’ll feel good when you give back to the younger generation.’ My ego was raging and I became defensive thinking about ALL that I give in my business – from free content to literal money/scholarship for young entrepreneurs at my alma mater.
Then I reeled my ego back in, re-grouped, and stuck with my boundary. Other people won’t understand my business and they’re coming from their own lens.
I am truly humbled that these women feel they can come to me and that I am approachable.
Yes, I’d love to help everyone…
AND…I also need boundaries in my business.
I can’t do it all. I admit it.
I also don’t want to do it all…which is why I have boundaries and a full staff of people who help me (support coach, accountants, assistants, etc.)
If I got on the phone with every person that wanted to pick my brain, hear my inspiring story, or have an ‘encouraging conversation,’ I’d have no time. And I’d be drained.
So I set boundaries.
Here is what I do…
For those women who want inspiration, encouragement, and/or who aren’t yet ready to take action (anything less than an 8 level of readiness)…they can watch or read my free content to get a feel for the value I provide. I create free content, trainings, YouTube videos, and I share much of that in this group.
For the women who are READY (level 8-10) and committed to putting their dreams into an actionable plan, I get on the phone with them.
Why? Because my time is valuable. In the past, I have spent so many hours talking to people who were dabblers, who weren’t serious about investing in their growth, transformation, and business. And guess what? It drains you!
I need all of my energy to be able to spend time with my family, take care of myself, and enjoy life.
SO I recommend for all of my clients to raise your standards for who you get on the phone with.
You want clients who are serious, ready, and committed to transformation. Am I right?
So start setting boundaries; however that feels good for you and your business.
It’s easy to slip into feeling guilty for saying, ‘No’ to people who aren’t ready for your magic.
But setting these boundaries will energetically call in the people who ARE ready.
Trust me, this will help you and your future clients. 😉
Have you ever felt guilty for setting a boundary? Let me know in the comments!

Dr. Christina Fontana is a pharmacist, author, hypnotherapist, and transformation coach. She blends hypnotherapy, quantum physics, spirituality, and intuitive coaching to help visionary women get unstuck so they can own their brilliance out in the world.

She’s the Creator of The Monetize Your Magic Method that helps female entrepreneurs transform so they can accelerate to their next level of income & impact.

For the last 9 years, Dr. Christina has been providing uplifting, transformational content through her YouTube videos, articles, books, and retreats.

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