Unexpected Shifts of Transformation Work

2018 was a year of transformation and spiritual awakenings. 2+0+1+8 = 11. In numerology, 11 is associated with spiritual transformation, higher realms and divinity. On the collective level we were being called to shed the old to upgrade ourselves for 2019.

As the New Year approaches, we tend to make New Year’s resolutions. When we do this, we send a message to the universe…Here is some encouragement as we close out 2018 and enter into the new energy of 2019…

I’ve realized that sometimes when you make a powerful request, things get worse before they get better. When you ask for something BIG, you don’t always get it immediately. When you make requests, the universe listens…and then it makes moves to get you to your destination.

Maybe you’ve made a big request to the universe before. Perhaps you’ve prayed for a lover or your dream job or hoped that you’d get that book deal you waited your whole life for. When you set a grand intention, expect big things to start shifting in your reality.

Since you are not yet at your future reality or desired outcome, whatever that may be, things need to get purged from your energy field before you can have what you desire. Whatever is getting in your way of receiving that person or thing will come up in your physical reality.

Let’s say you want a life partner. You want someone to love you unconditionally and be a witness to your life. However you are impatient, critical of yourself and/or wanting that person to fill a lack of love within YOU. That vision of unconditional love isn’t a vibrational match; you must love yourself unconditionally to be a vibrational match. So instead you might attract unavailable men who can’t commit or open up. They mirror what your energy field is projecting – a person who can’t love you the way you want to be loved.

When we look at things from an energetic perspective, it makes sense. Like attracts like; the law of attraction at play etc. Yet the 3D world we live in looks at our immediate physical reality for the answers and asks, “What is wrong with me? Why can I never find a nice guy/gal?”

The answers don’t lie in beating ourselves up, but in compassionately observing and allowing our the clues to our highest destiny to unfold and present themselves. Often this will show up in the form of obstacles or challenges since we aren’t used to facing these aspects of ourselves.

When you begin the process of transformation, useless or unhealthy patterns you hold in your energy field need to get released. Belief systems need to die. Your inner world must change before your outer world shifts. 

This is where the discomfort comes in. Once you level-up, it’s a different board game and you are no longer playing a game with the same pieces. The old tricks, old ways won’t work anymore because you are on a different level. You feel awkward and out of place in the world.

You may feel lost, disconnected and even feel alien to yourself. You may get triggered more easily and be more irritable as the old ‘debris’ is getting lifted from your field in order for you to step into THE NEW VERSION OF YOU. 

Don’t resist it. Don’t run from it. Embrace every bit of it. On the other side of it all will be you operating in a new way you’ve never been. You are becoming more of yourself as you lift the habits, thought patterns and beliefs that were impressed upon you. 

Until you integrate the new energy, you may undulate between feeling excited and happy some days and sad and full of fear the next. This is all normal.

There is an incubation period where you are put through tests of all kinds. People will cut you off and give you the finger in traffic. Others who you’ve known for years will irritate you. You will push people away. Relationships may end abruptly. Everything familiar will be uprooted and stripped from you including money, jobs, people, where you live and who you surround yourself with.

It will feel unnerving and as if the ground is falling from underneath you. And it’s all serving you because you made a big request.

Why does this chaos happen? Your vibration is no longer matching your current reality and so it needs to change. Since you are leveling up, the people, places and concepts you held in your previous reality become outdated and irrelevant.

At the end of it all, you will look back with gratitude for all of the losses and the lessons. You will see that when nothing was certain, everything was possible. You begin rebuilding your life in a completely new way, with a new map and a new set of rules. And you will set sail in your new version of reality full of peace, joy and hope…