Illuminated Feminine Podcast Episode #14. Healing Your Heart to Heal Your Mind + Body

Angela Orr is a visionary pharmacist and entrepreneur who has been a pharmacist for over 35 years. After owning and operating a traditional brick and mortar business, Angela knew her impact could be far greater having a strong online presence. She enjoyed pharmacy ownership but believed she was destined for so much more and believes that about others potential as well. Her passion is helping others heal their heart through meditation, heart coherence, epigenetics, and quantum physics.

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Dr. Christina Tarantola is a former pharmacist, author, hypnotherapist, and transformation coach. She blends hypnotherapy, quantum physics, spirituality, and intuitive coaching to help visionary women accelerate the path to their big vision.

She’s the Creator of Strategic Ascension Leadership Academy that helps aspiring entrepreneurs transform so they can accelerate to their next level of income & impact.

For the last 8 years, Dr. Christina has been providing uplifting, spiritual content through her YouTube videos, articles, books, and her podcast The Illuminated Feminine Podcast.

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