Illuminated Feminine Podcast Episode #8. Reconnecting to Yourself to Find Fufillment

In this episode, Francine Favret and I delve into spiritual healing, transformation, marriage, and more about leadership.

I met Francine at Joe Williams Speakers Bootcamp in 2017 and we’ve grown A LOT individually during this time!

Tune in for a fun, upbeat episode!

About Francine: As an owner of a thriving coaching business and founder of signature transformational programs, Francine lives her life’s purpose, leading people to feel fully alive and reconnect to what matters the most. So they can be the powerhouse they were born to be! Francine knows firsthand the struggles of living a life with anxiety. And feeling like something is missing in her life while everything from the outside appeared to be okay.

She also knows how fulfilling it is to reconnect to yourself, heal your soul wounds, and turn your life around. She believes when you fix the things inside you; first, your inner world will reflect your outer. Your relationships will thrive, your energy will increase, and you will begin to manifest what your heart desires with joy in your heart.
Francine has over 25 years of experience in corporate leadership and coaching. Her corporate career includes working for Fortune 500 companies such as Baker Hughes, where she helped develop top leaders.

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