She Rises Into Desire Podcast Episode 27: The Energy Dynamics of Magnetic Client Attraction

In my rapid transformation business coaching, I often see this unconscious energy dynamic. Pharmacists come to me when they’re stuck, frustrated, and feel like they’re spinning their wheels doing all of the strategy, but not seeing results in their bank account.

In this episode I talk about:

  • How to become more magnetic through releasing people pleasing, self-abandonment, and unworthiness
  • The three types of attachment styles (anxious, avoidant, secure)
  • Releasing needy energy to become more magnetic
  • How to shift the energy dynamics of needy/desperate energy
  • My Queen, Unlocked 1:1 4 week program to help you shift this for good

I am opening up two spots for my Queen, Unlocked program for September.

In this 4 week container, we move through…

  • Inner child healing and subconscious clearing
  • Shifting this energy dynamic so you’re magnetic to your clients
  • Bringing safety back into your body and calming your nervous system to reclaim your power
  • Creating sacred masculine boundaries around your energy so you’re attracting clients with ease

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