Simple Ways You Can Activate Your 2022 Desire or Goal

Creating and manifesting your goal or desire isn’t a cookie cutter process. It’s individual for each person.

Everyone has a primary sense that will help you activate and bring your desire to fruition. These are called ANCHORS.
#1. Visual 👀– You like to SEE your goal or desire. Maybe you do a vision board or write your goal on a post it and place it on your cork board in your office. Maybe you brighten up your office with your brand colors and decor.
#2. Auditory 🎧– You like to hear things to entrain your brain to the desire. Recordings of Affirmations or hypnosis may be your way to go in this case.
#3. Olfactory 👃– Your goal or desire has a scent or smell. For example the ocean or a certain candle brings your senses to the goal.
#4. Feeling 👸🏻– Maybe for you, your goal has a feeling of luxury – a cozy sweater, a cashmere blanket – this reminds you of what you want.
These are just a few examples. For me I use them all to entrain my subconscious mind to my goal and purpose.
What are your primary ways you’d like to anchor in your desire? Lmk in the comments 👇

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